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Why it’s never too late to join societies and clubs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – societies and sports clubs are the best. They are an incredible way to meet lots of different people, pursue new hobbies and make happy university memories! Therefore joining societies and clubs is something I would urge every student to do, whether you are a bright-eyed fresher or an older, wiser student.

When I look back on my first two years at Warwick, I am most proud of the things I have done through my involvement with societies. Of course I am proud of studying my course too; university would be a colossal waste of money if I didn’t! But university is so much more than just academic learning, and my society experiences (organising Pizazz, teaching beginner’s tap, writing regularly for the Boar) have undoubtedly taught me just as much as my degree.

However, it can sometimes feel difficult to join new clubs when you are not a fresher. People quickly settle into societies in Term 1 and so joining in in later terms, and in later years, can often feel daunting. I have certainly felt that way, but this year I have come to realise that it is never too late to join new societies and clubs.

Near the end of last year, I attended a taster session for judo, and ended up loving it! Judo is a great sport as it doesn’t depend on strength, which is great for people like me! The idea is to use good technique to throw your opponent off balance and ultimately get them on the floor (or something like that – my knowledge of the full rules is slightly lacking 🙂 ). It’s very technical and precise, which I enjoy, and it also teaches you to be determined and resilient. I vowed to try and get more involved in judo this year, and so to fulfil this promise I’ve attended several of the beginner’s taster sessions over the last two weeks. The sessions have been great, especially as everyone is very supportive. And it also hasn’t been a problem that I am a third year only just starting out with the sport – the other beginners have a range of ages and to be honest, no-one really cares.

To become more accomplished at judo is one of my aims for this year, and I have signed up to the beginner’s course to try and achieve this. Hopefully by the end of term I will have achieved my yellow belt, which would be an exciting way to end the first term of my third year!

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