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Why I love lectures and seminars

For me, the saddest point of the academic year is term three. Foremost, like most students, I hate exams. Revision is a very monotonous routine; waking up, studying, taking the occasional break AND more studying! I do not completely isolate myself – I talk to my peers. However, it is difficult to meaningfully engage with people when everyone is so stressed and sleep-deprived.

Exams suck but what gets me down more is that after the four weeks of revision lectures, there are no more lectures until the next academic year (or at all for people who are in their final year!) I may be alone in this, but I love lectures and seminars; even the ones at 9 am.

Foremost, I like lectures because I enjoy studying for my degree. Psychology is weird and wonderful and sitting in a lecture theatre for hours a week and learning is my idea of fun. There are lots of seemingly random bits and bobs and I love it!

Moreover, I thrive when there is structure. Admittedly when I am stressed, I do complain that I would like a couple of days to myself. However, after a while of staying in bed all day and watching back to back episodes of Doctor Who, it does get quite dull. Pulling myself out of bed for a morning lecture sets me up for doing something productive with the rest of my day. There are of course other ways that I could get structure – getting a job or volunteering – but that requires the effort of applications.

Also, I know a lot of people dread when the lecturer asks a question. However, I like the interactive nature of (some) lectures and seminars. It is far more stimulating than sitting at home and watching the lecture on lecture capture. I like it when someone answers a question and a lecturer responds because often, I gain a different perspective on the lecture material. 

I did not come to University anticipating that I would enjoy the lecture aspect of university so much. However, it certainly does help given that I am spending nine thousand pounds a year on tuition fees.


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