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Why I Firmed Warwick

My sister is two years younger than me, and she’s got all her offers in – she’s been trying to decide for a while which university to firm and insure. She did end up firming Warwick as well (yay!!) but I promise I didn’t push her into choosing Warwick. I only gave her my general reasons on why I chose Warwick in the end and not another university – so things to look for in any university you apply to. I thought I’d maybe share some of the advice I gave her to those who are having to decide their choices now!

I have many reasons for choosing Warwick – the campus life, how international it is, the rankings, societies and sports etc. but those were not the reasons I ended up firming. There were other university choices I had that fulfilled those reasons as well, but the one thing Warwick had above the others was the course and flexibility of the course.

So yes, it all came down to academics and how the course was structured – and this is actually so key as in the end, you will be studying that subject for 3 years (for some of you, 4 years!) and you really need to be fairly sure that you will enjoy most of it.

Personally, I never thought about studying Law until a week before I started my UCAS application. I have always wanted to either do Art or English Literature (couple of reasons on why I switched and changed my mind but those are irrelevant to this blog post). I was not really 100% sure I would enjoy Law, and Warwick was virtually the only place that offered interesting optional modules within the Law school that I could not find anywhere else AND I also have the freedom to choose modules from OTHER degrees! I was worried that by studying Law, I would be sacrificing one thing I really did enjoy; creativity.

While I haven’t taken modules outside of the Law department this year, I am taking a module that’s not anything like my other Law modules – Writing Human Rights. And I can now definitely say that having the course as my main reason for firming this university was the right mindset to have. The module is so interesting, flexible and has a bit of an English literature element to it and I’m really enjoying the creative side to it. It is really the type of class you would not expect to take as part of a Law degree where I’m allowed to be creative and develop my own writing skills.

So when choosing a course – even if you’re deadset on the course and do really think it’s exactly the course for you – make sure you look at how your degree will be structured. Do you like to have more exams or coursework? Would you like to have more optional classes? Do you want the flexibility to choose classes outside of your department? Would you like to have a placement year, or the opportunity to go on a year abroad? These are all really important questions to ask!

Yes, Warwick is a busy university with lots to do, but you are here to learn in the end and develop yourself, you want to make sure you’re paying money for a degree you consider to be valuable and you would enjoy. Look at the university itself but also make sure you look at the course content and structure carefully as well!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck with all your firming and insuring!

– Rana x

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