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Why I chose Warwick

It’s a well-known fact that Warwick is a ‘good’ university. In the Russell Group, regularly making it into the top portion of league tables and its graduates hunted by top employers, Warwick was one of the universities that I considered going to right from when I first started looking at universities over four years ago! That being said, I applied to five ‘good’ universities, including Oxford, so what was so special about Warwick?

The truth is, I just loved it here. I came on an open day just knew I’d feel at home. The campus was welcoming, the transport links to other cities (and back home) were ideal, the chemistry course seemed well thought-out and interesting, and everyone I met was friendly and enthusiastic. It was a combination of all these reasons that I ended up choosing Warwick over universities that were considered ‘better’ by league tables.

The course you study is arguably the most important thing-if you don’t enjoy or see the point of studying you course, there isn’t much point spending so much money to come to university! That’s why picking the right course is so important. Chances are you already know what subject you want to do, but even the same subjects at different universities vary greatly. I chose chemistry at Warwick specifically because of the huge background knowledge they give you in the first two years before letting you pick optional modules in the third. I wanted to get a good base knowledge before I specialised in other areas, but if you want the opportunity to pick what you study earlier on, then Warwick’s course might not be for you.

I also picked Warwick chemistry because in the third year there’s the option of doing a research project for a whole term- giving students the opportunity to go abroad or into industry just for a short amount of time rather than committing to a whole year out. Not to mention the labs you get to work in a amazing! I’ve ended up staying on campus for mine, but still, the option to do a proper project appeals to me. While this means my exams are earlier this year to account for this, I think it will be worth it in the end!

The amount of extra-curricular activities available to you at Warwick is incredible. I found it comforting that even at a university with such a good reputation, students are still encouraged to pursue activities outside their degree. Before coming to Warwick I really wanted to get involved in the student newspaper, and I’ve been able to do that and so much more. There really is something for everyone at Warwick, which you’ll definitely see if you come along to an open day!

My advice to anyone applying to universities would just be to go where you feel the most at home. As soon as you find a place that feels ‘right’ you’ll know it. Still make sure you consider important points though. There’s no point letting yourself fall in love with a university that doesn’t do a course that suits you, so it’s important to look at lots of options and find the right balance. But equally, just know that wherever you end up, the likelihood is that after a few weeks, you won’t be able to imagine yourself anywhere else.

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