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Why I chose Warwick, and why you should consider it too!

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Choosing between your university offers can certainly be challenging, and hopefully now you’re in a position to choose your firm and insurance choices.

In my last blog I talked about how to choose between universities in general. In this blog I plan to answer some of the questions I posed and tell you why Warwick was the university for me.

Where can you see yourself?

Actually the first time I came to Warwick I didn’t fall in love with the university. It was in subsequent visits, on entrance exam support courses, that I really saw myself walking around the campus. I would really recommend that you visit a university you’re considering more than once. I found that the first open day can be quite overwhelming, the second visits for me made me feel more relaxed in the environment.

Warwick has a truly expansive campus, the campus stretches 720 acres. I really enjoyed the campus feel, compared to being in a city university I liked the idea of a “student city”, walking around campus there is always a vibrancy around the piazza and in the student bars and restaurants. Campus feels like a safe and diverse town, bustling with students studying and enjoying themselves.

I lived in Lakeside Halls of Residence in my first year, overlooking a beautiful lake. Warwick isn’t short of beautiful lakes and scenery. I love the countryside feel and the balance of nature and modern living across campus.

I also remember looking at a campus map when I was walking around on open days, marvelling at the number of cranes representing the building sites. I loved the idea that Warwick was building and reinvesting in its campus – not only to improve your student experience in the present but also maintain it’s long term future as a thriving campus university.

Where are you going to be stretched?

I found out about Warwick through the Guardian University Guide where Warwick is now currently ranked 6th in the UK. University is there to stretch you so you can become the best you can be. The progress I have made, both within my studies and in the skills I have learnt make me almost unrecognisable to my 18 year old self.

Warwick is only 57 years young and has already made a huge impact on research. Warwick is in the Top 10 Universities most targeted by employers. At university I have certainly made use of the great support offered at Warwick. During my time here I have accessed the drop-in career support, cover letter resources and interview preparation.

Are your passions going to be fulfilled?

As most people who know me will tell you, my great joy at university was the Wind Orchestra here. I was really involved in the exec and it was my main social and musical outlook at university. Currently, Warwick has over 250 societies and 60 sports so I certainly hope that if you came here you would find a great fit just like I did. University is a great place to discover new things you like and Warwick certainly has enough societies for you to consider. In my house alone, my flatmates and I are collectively a part of Chemistry Society, Cheerleading, Lacrosse, Google Student Club, Art Soc, Squash, Basketball and Musical Theatre Warwick.

When you are considering your university options see what societies are on offer, finding things you love to do in the evening makes your days of studying a lot quicker.

Choosing a university is a really personal choice and there isn’t a wrong answer, choose the university which feels right for you. I did, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better University experience.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Emily Alger | Mathematics and Statistics (BSc MMathStat) Contact Emily

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