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Why I chose Warwick

Lewis Chinchen
Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis


Choosing which university to go to is one of the most difficult decisions. Is the location right? What’s the university’s reputation like? Do current students at the university enjoy it? These were the questions flooding my mind and although it was painful at the time, spending as much time as possible thinking about these questions was time well spent. I hope that this brief insight into life at Warwick will help answering those questions and the wider question of ‘which university?’ a little easier for you.  


As for most people, the main reason which encouraged me to go for Warwick was its reputation as a world-leading university and research institution. There is a large supply of graduates these days which makes finding a job after university all the more competitive. I knew that going to a Russell Group university with a proven track record of producing high-quality graduates would help me to stand out. And it’s not just graduate jobs where you are required to stand out – companies who run spring weeks, internships, industrial placements and all the rest want to know that the individual they are investing in has something to offer and the easiest indicator for companies to look at is the university which the individual attends. In addition to this, one of the main things I learnt when researching what university was best for me was to ignore stereotypes. Certain universities have performed strongly in the past but that does by no means imply that their strength has continued unimpeded through to today. Warwick is one of the fastest-growing universities and is challenging other universities which have traditionally been thought of as the ‘elite’.


Next on the tick list has to be location. Location, location, location. It may not seem like a big thing at first but it can make a big difference as to how much you enjoy being at university. It matters for those wishing to go back home lots at weekends. It matters for those wanting to experience places different to where your university is. And it matters for those of you who are already thinking about second-year housing! I chose Warwick because its location really is very good being situated in a central and beautiful part of the country. Warwick students have Birmingham only 30 minutes away and London just over an hour away. The best of Warwickshire in Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick itself are only a bus ride away and of course, Leamington Spa is a beautiful town for students to enjoy Christmas markets, restaurants, bars, clubs and a great location to perhaps live in second year. There is Coventry too – a city which mixes the modern and the historic in a vibrant way.


Finally, the Warwick campus itself was what attracted me to Warwick. City universities have their benefits but for me, you cannot beat a university which has everything a student needs in one place. Whether it’s the pub, the club, the supermarket, the grocery shop or the gym, all are within easy walking distance. And that is ignoring how relaxing the feeling is when you wake up in the morning for a lecture and know that the location of it is never more than a ten minute walk away. It’s something which a lot of people at Warwick take for granted – I know I certainly do. It also means that when you have a one hour gap between lectures, you still have time to go back to your accommodation block, have some lunch, catch up with friends and pick up anything you may have forgotten for your next lecture. Convenience is not the only benefit of studying at a campus university though. There is a real buzz at Warwick, especially on weekdays, with thousands of students all in the same place. It complements the social side of things and creates a community feel which you don’t necessarily get at other universities where different buildings are spread out across a city.

I hope that gives everyone considering Warwick some insight into what the university has to offer. The key to making the decision as to which university to go to is not to rush it! Rushed decisions usually end up being regretted ones. Also, don’t be strongly influenced by your friends at school. Although it’s a nice benefit having someone from school go to the same university as you, it really shouldn’t be a deciding factor as everyone is bound to meet many new friends who share similar interests. Then it’s just a case of looking at location, reputation (in general and for your course) and student experience and deciding which university fits the criteria best. After careful thought, I knew Warwick was the place for me.  

Lewis Chinchen
Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis
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  • Aman Sharma
    Aman Sharma

    Hi Lewis! I got into Warwick for next year and i am confused with which uni i should choose. I am confused between Manchester and Warwick. I know Warwick is one of the best for business, so i wanted to know about the social life and sports in the uni( specifically soccer). Can you please tell more in detail about these topics. It would be great to hear from you. Thanks!


    • Lewis Chinchen
      Lewis Chinchen Philosophy, Politics and Economics

      Hi Aman, thanks for your comment. Socially , I find Warwick really good as because it’s a campus uni, you see your friends all the time whenever you’re walking about and the fact that everyone is in the same place makes it much easier to socialise. Many of the societies hold regular social events which is a good place to meet people and many academic departments hold social events for students which are a good chance to meet people you may not have met in lectures – these events are often free too with food and drink included! There are lots of places to go on campus with friends and this includes the sporting facilities. My favourite sport is football too and my friends and me regularly go and play 5-a-side and I have also met lots of people from playing football for a society. I play football 2-3 times a week and I know some people that play even more so it really is down to you at Warwick as to how much you want to play. The breadth of sports available is also large with things like motorsport being an example of something less mainstream you can get involved in.

      Although the advice that you should just go with your gut when choosing your university is used a lot, I think it’s the best advice. If you can see yourself living at a particular university and being happy there, then you should probably just go for it. That’s what I thought about when I was deciding on Warwick and I honestly have not regretted it.

      I hope this helps but if there is anything else you would like to ask, please just let me know!


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