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Why I chose to study Engineering at Warwick

Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

Hiya, I thought I would write a blog entry on why I chose Warwick to pursue my Engineering degree in hopes of maybe helping some of you out there who are struggling to decide firm and insurance choices.

1) Reputation of the Uni in general

Warwick has always been one of the Top 10 Universities in the UK on rankings such as The Times and The Sunday Times, The Guardian and The Complete University Guide. Moreover, it was also ranked as #1 most targeted university nationally by the UK’s top 100 graduate employers in The Graduate Market in 2017.

2) Course structure

I have always wanted to pursue a career in the energy industry since GCSEs, however, I was not sure which stream of engineering I wanted to be working in specifically during the time when I was submitting my UCAS applications. So the first thought came into my mind was to apply to universities that provide General Engineering courses. There are actually quite a few (good) universities that have General Engineering as one of their various Engineering Disciplines including Oxbridge, Durham, Exeter and Warwick. Here at Warwick, I was able to study modules across all mainstream Engineering disciplines in the first two years- I would say about 30% Mechanical, 30% Electrical, 10% Civil and 10% Manufacturing- and 20% Business Management. This has equipped me with fundamental knowledge of each discipline and helped me make a clearer decision in which discipline I wanted to specialise in in my third year. There was also a wide range of optional modules I could choose from in the first two years. For example, in first year, I chose Technology in International Development amongst Multimedia Technology, Biomedical Engineering, etc. whereas in second year, I decided to brush up my Spanish which I picked up in GCSE at Language Centre.

3) Location

Although many say Coventry is “in the middle of nowhere”, there is actually a very convenient transportation network between Coventry and both neighbouring and more distant towns. For example, Birmingham is only 30 minutes away by train; London takes only an hour and 15 minutes by Virgin Train or just over two hours by London Midlands; 3 hours to Manchester by train… If you fancy the cheaper option, which many students do, there is also a MegaBus bus stop located behind Canon Park Shopping Centre which is 10 minutes walking distance from Campus.  

4) Campus

If you have been following my previous blogs, you can probably tell by now that I am an outdoor type kind of girl. Sun and greens are my sources of energy. Also, I personally dislike running next to cars on a busy road. At Warwick, you will be able to find a piece of grass anywhere within 5 minutes walking distance from the Library. This has made my life much easier in light of finding an outdoor study space or a pleasant running route with views.

This is just a brief abstract of some statistics and the main reasons I chose Warwick. If you would like to know more about specific areas of studying Engineering at Warwick such as teaching style, timetable… please don’t hesitate to ask me!

All the best,


Jane Chan | Mechanical Engineering Contact Jane

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