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Why I chose to live in Coventry?

In first year, I had to decide where I wanted to live and who I wanted to live with. It seems like a very difficult decision to make when you’re new to university and you don’t know much about the local area or much about the type of people you want to live with. My biggest piece of advice would be to take your time. When I was in first year everyone said you had to get your house by December, and I ended up getting my house in April. I would recommend you take time thinking about who you want to live with because as always this is what makes your experience, a lot more than what the house looks like.

For me, the best thing about living in Coventry is that I can walk to campus. This means that I get in my daily exercise (as it takes me around 30 mins to get to campus) and I don’t have to wait for the bus. At peak hours it can be quite difficult to get the bus, especially with social distancing in place now. You also don’t have to pay for a bus pass, so you save money on that too.

I’m also a 15-minute walk away from Tesco/Aldi. This means I can do my shopping on my way back from campus and I do not have to travel much whilst holding my heavy bags.

Living in Canley means that I can use Canley train station to get to places. I’m lucky as I can walk from my house to Canley station and it only takes around 10 minutes. Canley is a smaller station, so it has less people, but it also takes you to the same stops as a train from Coventry. You also don’t have to get on the bus to get to Coventry.

As someone who doesn’t go clubbing being near to Smack wasn’t something that was of interest to me. It might be that you know you like going out a lot and its just easier to live in Leamington because it’ll make your journey home easier at night.

Where I live in Canley, it’s a bit quieter in comparison to some of the other areas you can live in. I think this is because there are some local people (non-students) who live in the area. That is something I prefer. Whereas you might prefer living in a louder area.

At the end of the day, you will probably be staying out for two years or three if you are on a four year course. You could always pick one place one year and then chose another for the next year. That way you get to experience the different environments.

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