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Why I chose Sociology

My first encounter with sociology was in college were I spent two years studying at AS and then A2 level sociology, to be truthful I had more interest in other subjects and only chose sociology because it looked interesting and I had an extra subject option. In the end, it turned out to be my favourite subjects, which I became really passionate about and I found that it was the subject that I excelled in the most. The topics that I covered and learnt about were really fascinating and went into a lot of depth and research. You learn so much about the structure of society and the people within it, so after some serious research into university sociology courses, I decided to choose Warwick.

I think what struck me that most with Warwick was the course content, I read up on the website about the different modules available and having finished my first year I can tell you that what I read was just the icing on the cake! The depth and width of sociological research is so vast that you simply cannot cover everything! If you are worried about finding topics that interest you trust me there is so many different topics more than one is bound to grasp your interest. You look at the world through a sociological lense and you can’t see it any different once you have! You notice things that were invisible to you before and are given the knowledge to change and challenge the flaws of society….all thanks to Warwick University.

I am so glad that I chose to study at Warwick because I was initially worried about the future I can obtain as a result of studying sociology but the opportunities are endless. Warwick has so many connections and hold career fairs all year long plus you are taught really diverse topics that open up new doors in the world of work! I have no doubt that once I graduate from university I will go places I never expected!

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