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Why I chose Philosophy

Having never studied Philosophy in my A-Levels or GCSEs, I didn’t really have solid grounds for taking the subject as a course at university, and I was unsure of whether I’d like it at the start. However, the undergraduate course handbook for my course was very detailed and gave me a good idea of what I would be learning and the modules that would be taught. The handbook is a great place to start off with when researching for whether your desired course is right for you. Another piece of advice I’d give if you’re unsure whether or not you will enjoy your course, is to see if there are any joint courses you could take instead of jumping straight into one subject, where it may be more difficult to switch courses if you find it doesn’t meet your expectations of it. I originally studied Philosophy and Literature in my first year, but after a year of discovering that Literature just wasn’t for me, I was able to drop the subject and continue on with pure Philosophy in my second year. It’s all about finding what works out best for you, remember that it’s you who will be studying that course for three years, and regretting your course decision for the entire duration of your degree wouldn’t be the best way to spend this time. I am happy with my decision now and I have no regrets in discontinuing a subject I didn’t enjoy. It means I’m able to focus all of my attention on modules that I enjoy learning and writing about, and I can have fun in the process, rather than feeling like I’m just ‘getting through’ the three years.

Ultimately, my course is quite broad and made up of many interesting modules which, if optional, can be picked by students studying any degree. This is what made it so appealing for me, and I ended up choosing a variation of modules from ‘Philosophy of Mind’ which focuses on how we perceive the minds of other people or animals, to ‘Ethics’ which discusses how we define morality.

Although choosing courses can be a difficult decision, just remember to research carefully and know that there are always options if you end up realising your course just isn’t for you.

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