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Why I chose English Literature

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Choosing a degree can be a difficult decision for some people.

With most prospective Warwick students studying three or four subjects at A-Level, picking the one best suited to your undergraduate studies can be a task more difficult than you think!

It’s important to pick a degree that ultimately, you will find fulfilling, and enjoy.

Make sure you consider your strengths as a student, and ultimately, choose a course that you can see yourself applying beyond your studies.

There are a number of reasons I chose English Literature, and if you are a prospective student considering English among a number of different options, here is why English beat other options available to me.

It’s important to note that your degree choice is really not the the end of all other subjects as you know them; at Warwick, I get the opportunity to take modules from other departments, including Classics, Film and History.

Similarly, I have found that the nature of my degree allows me to pursue other subjects from within my degree, which is something I did not expect when coming to University.

For example, despite being an English student, this term I am planning essays on Soviet history, Marxism, and manifestos.

That being said, here is why I chose English over any other degree option.

Command of the written word

Studying English Literature has been the best degree for me to hone my understanding of language, tone and syntax.

The communication skills fostered by an English degree are unparalleled and my studies have allowed me to understand the written and spoken word in a way that I would otherwise not experience.

Cross-curricular understanding of the written word

As I mentioned previously, from year 1, the English syllabus at Warwick allowed me to hone my interests in other subjects. This includes, but is not limited to, politics, history, film, and languages.

This is a combination of the dialectical nature of the subject, and the specific syllabus of English at Warwick.

For example, the first-year module ‘EN123 Modern World Literatures’ combines an understanding of text with historical, political and social features.

Broad application

Like many undergraduates, I came to university with an open mind in relation to what I would do beyond my degree.

English is a great subject in relation to this, because it does not limit many opportunitites, and instead provides you with skills that can be applied in a variety of settings.

For example, the skills I have acquired could be applied to a law conversion, be useful working for a think tank, or could make me a useful candidate in a position in communications.

Creative thinking

When comparing degree options, I realised that English Literature above many degrees allows one to learn how think creatively, and apply this skill.

When analysing text, researching, and writing essays, an English student has to learn how to respond, think and change.

This skill is not only invaluable personally, but in relation to employment.

Joint-Honours options

Whilst I study Q300 English Literature, there are many options for joint honours, which not only shows the collaborative and complementary nature of English, but allows you to pursue a passion for more than one subject!

At Warwick, single-honours English is offered (my course), alongside joint-honours in English and Theatre Studies and English and History, with English as your ‘home’ department.

Alongside this, there are a number of other degrees with English Literature involved, including:

Film and Literature (BA)

Philosophy, Literature and Classics (BA)

Philosophy and Literature (BA)

Classics and English (BA)

English and French (BA)

English and German (BA)

English and Hispanic Studies (BA)

English and Italian (BA)

English Literature and Creative Writing (BA)

If you wish to find out more about English at Warwick, click here! https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/english/undergraduate/

Megan McElroy | English Literature Contact Megan
English, Going out, Halls, or something else!
Find out more about me Contact Megan

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