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Why I chose Biology

A little bit of background

At school I got 17 GCSEs A*-A and at A level I studied Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths with an English Lang/Lit. I left with AAAAa. I was always interested in most sciences (sorry Physics) but I just needed to decide which one I really wanted to take further. So here is my brief journey in how I chose Biology and then where I am planning on taking it.

The main event: Why I chose Biology

I was lucky enough to get the oppurtunity to present at the National Science and Engineering Competition in year 9. I was lucky enough to meet the team at Mclaren as well as some of the team who sculpt for Wallace and Gromit. However, the most influential moment was putting some PTC (a chemical that produces a reaction if you have the genetic elements for tasting bitter) on my tongue and tasting nothing. This led me to investigate why I couldn’t tast bitter and the genetics behind it.

In my first year of sixth form instead of doing work experience I undertook an EPQ looking at gene therapy prospects for Cystic Fibrosis. Researching the extent of what biology could do really pushed me into reading journals aout the subject. The EPQ is the main reason that I started university wanting to enter genetic research. The idea that I could help people without treating them directly as a doctor.

When I got to uni

I had this idea that I would love labs and would try to stay in there as long as possible. Unfortunatley, I was one of the unlucky few that really didn’t get on with labs. I enter with the mindset of being in there for as little time as I can. But it is not because the labs aren’t fun, believe me I’m one person out of few that just finds the search for an unknown answer too stressful. So, over the last summer I worked with some disbeled children to see if I enjoyed a challengin environment similar to teaching. To my shock, I loved it! So my focus turned to teaching and I started tutoring some family in Biology so that I was totally sure that I wanted to teach since it was potentially another year at university. It never seem laborious and I enjoyed the hours I’d spend helping them out with anything they were stuck on. So this year I’m doing the work with disabled kids again to gain more experience before applying for PGCEs next year.

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