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Why I chose 4 year MMORSE

So at the start of this academic year I made the decision to take the masters version of MORSE (dubbed MMORSE). I thought I’d list here the reasons that I did this:

1) More Actuarial Exemptions – So at this moment in time I am very deadset on becoming an actuary; a common aspiration in MORSE circles! To become an actuary there are 15 professional exams. Doing MORSE gives you the opportunity to earn exemptions from these exams. Last year I achieved the CT3 (Mathematical Statistics) exemption. Doing the four year course I get the opportunity to earn another 6 exemptions!

2) More interesting modules! – Doing the 4 year, I get to pick a lot more relevant and interesting modules. With the three year course you are pushed into doing a lot of modules that I wouldn’t find as interesting. My interests lay in finance and probability which I have a lot more scope; look at my previous blog to see the modules I’m doing!

3) A student financed masters – I know it’s probably a long way away to the people reading this blog but a masters can often cost £20,000+. If I was to do a Financial Mathematics Masters at London School of Economics it would cost £37,000. The finance provided for this is not much and I personally can’t afford that! So doing a masters in MORSE we get to use student finance like you would for any normal undergraduate. Also we get to do a wide variety of modules that are probably not available at different universities.

4) It means I get to do a dissertation – The way dissertations on a maths course tend to work is that a professor who has a certain interest offers specific subjects and you choose what is of interest to you. There are also certain ones with different consultancies such as working with clients who need statistical solutions.

5) Another internship – Doing a 4 year gives me the opportunity to do another internship. This will mean that I can experience another career path (actuarial) before completely committing to it.

I hope you agree I’ve made the right choice! I am hoping that I have J

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