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Why I am a student at Warwick.

What brought me to the University of Warwick to study on a 2+2 Social Studies degree course? There were many reasons. Firstly I am a School Governor at my village primary school and this has sharpened my interest in education and its nuances. I climb onto my soap box regularly with regard to inequalities in education.

Another reason was to prove to myself I am not academically on the scrap heap. Labelled ‘average’ and definitely not a high achiever by my primary school left a stigma which stayed with me well into adulthood. When the children were small-ish I did a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, alongside massage. I did rather well and have since undertaken exams in other fields and passed them!

Finally, I had worked with people who had a degree and thought, ‘If they can, I can.’ Though I have to admit to wobbly moments as I press the submit button or dither over the feedback and mark, what if my old Headmaster was correct after all.

Personally I have had a great experience so far and a huge amount of encouragement from both my family and friends and the tutors.

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