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Why hello there summer!

It’s hard to believe but as of last Thursday, I have officially finished (and survived) my semester at university in Chile.

Yes, that’s it. In fact today I made my last trip into university to close my library account in order for them to send my transcripts and marks back over to Warwick and to get my completion form, learning agreement and arrival form (woops…only 4 months late) all signed, scanned and uploaded to my study abroad folder. I tell you the paperwork is an absolute nightmare when you come on a year abroad. However for some reason coming to Chile was a lot easier in terms of admin than the Erasmus part of next semester when I go to Italy (the majority of which I have put off sorting…oh the joys…) But what am I saying, paperwork is certainly a small price to pay for what has been the most life changing and incredible (yet equally at times hardest) few months of my life.


Arriving home to this last week was the best

So with my last exam done (which involved having to produce 6 pages worth of analysis concerning feminist Chilean literature in one hour and twenty minutes…in Spanish), my last essay handed in, and my last assignment uploaded all within 24 hours, what better way to recover than with a trip to the beach…


…in November. Crazy right?


Viña del Mar


Couldn’t leave Chile without making it into the sea…


…even if it was just for a few seconds…


…and without a towel…(yes someone did actually steal our towels which we left to save our spot whilst we were gone for lunch for just half an hour)

With Christmas decorations propping up here there and everywhere, and ‘silent night’ (as my mum pointed out just now on Skype- very ironic considering no such thing exists in Chile) bellowing from the Church hall opposite my bedroom window, as December approaches amidst the 30 Degrees Celsius climate, I must admit something doesn’t seem quite right to me…


Santa? Snow? But it’s so hot!!

Amongst other big news, the other day after nearly five months of being here, I finally braved the Chilean hairdressers…


Despite exams and deadlines preventing much travelling these last few weeks, there never seems to be a dull day living in this crazy country…


Casually walking into a concert in the middle of Baquedano metro station the other day…#OnlyInChile


Always love a bit of modern art… Quick visit to el museo de arte contemporáneo…


Accidently bumping into yet another parade…I think I have developed some sort of gift for this!


Babies being blessed in the street during a quick 5 minute break


Last night out with the Juana De Lestonac girls (and Diego)…so sad :’(

One thing for sure, living abroad and travelling through South America with people, certainly creates friendships like no others. From singing the likes of the spice girls to each other as we one by one braved the horrors of our one shower (and by shower, I mean trickle of water) we were allowed during our entire road trip through Bolivia, to seeing each other pee in the middle of the Salt desert, one thing for certain is that the boundaries crossed and memories made are more than I could possibly tell in a single blog post.

However, on the topic of travelling, I may be finished with university, but South America certainly isn’t going to be seeing the last of me anytime soon. Yes, in just two days’ time, I am heading to Peru and to one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. Then, returning the following week, I have allowed myself approximately 10 hours during which I am hoping to pop back home, shove some washing in the washing machine, get a few hours’ sleep (if I’m lucky), before heading back to the airport and Flying to Puerto Montt where we will embark on our next trip; the South of Chile.

So lots more to come upon my return! I just hope my Instagram followers are prepared for some serious instagramming overload coming up! ¡Hasta pronto!

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