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Why foundation course at Warwick?

Dream globally. That is what we all used to do while being children. We all wanted to grow up, go to the university, become successful. When the time comes to decide on the future career, country and university, you understand how great the variety of choices is. If your prior foreign country is the UK, you have to be realistic about your abilities and achievements to find a proper route. I believe that the foundation course is perfect for those who want to improve English or knowledge in a particular area, get used to an unfamiliar environment and get involved into the uni life even before studying at undergraduate level. The course might be proper for post-IB students, for instance, as well as those whose cannot go straight after their school to the UK university.

I studied eleven years in a Belarusian school, so the only two possible ways for me to get to the uni here were studying either A-level/IB or a foundation course. I chose the latter one as I had been pretty sure about the university I was going to have a Bachelor degree from. Moreover, I felt being ready to live an independent life as an actual university student. As a matter of fact, this year all the students live in New Sherbourne residence while the classes are in Westwood. It seems to be quite a long distance to walk every single day, but a free shuttle bus is available to get from the flat straight to the classroom. Moreover, we have some classes on Central campus which is just fifteen minutes from the accommodation. Briefly, this year all foundation course students are being actual university students due to living and studying on campus as well as having an opportunity to join societies, sport clubs and use all the facilities Warwick provides.

I’m so satisfied with choosing the Warwick International Foundation Programme. Firstly, it lasts only for one year in comparison to A-level/IB. Secondly, we live on campus using Warwick facilities and meeting other uni students. Lastly, in my year, the foundation course will offer students a conditional offer to one of the Warwick Undergraduate courses as well as personal tutor’s help to adapt to a new culture and apply to the universities.

I really hope that my experience might help you to make the best decision to start your high education! I will be glad to ask any questions related to the Foundation Programme and the university itself!

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