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Why Engineering at Warwick?

Many of you will be making your UCAS choices and perhaps deciding whether Warwick should be in your top 5 choices. You may be looking to gain an insight into life here at Warwick. Well, no matter why you’re here, I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of Engineering at Warwick and exactly why I chose it!

Honestly, Warwick is an amazing uni not just in the league tables but also in terms of the countless societies, nights out and friendly faces. Since I joined in September last year, everyone I have met has been welcoming and the lecturers are always approachable.

When I stepped foot on campus, it was pouring with rain (that’s one thing about the Midlands – it doesn’t stop raining!) yet a cheery faced student ambassador approached me with a beaming smile and guided me to my halls. I tapped my key fob on the scanner and walked in…

Immediately I was welcomed by a line of other students attempting to lug their suitcases into their rooms. The air was full of excitement with an underlying sense of nervousness, with everyone unpacking as fast as they could so that they could join the kitchen discussion. Having loaded my wardrobe with a ridiculous haul of clothes, I entered the kitchen. I instantly knew that my year ahead was going to be amazing just by seeing the warming smiles on my flatmates’ faces.

For me, one of the main reasons I knew Warwick would be the right decision was because I had come to an open day prior to submitting my application. This allowed me to really understand whether the working and social environment would be for me. Friendly faces surrounded me and the lecturer who gave the Engineering department talk was truly inspiring. I’d recommend going online and finding out how unis are holding their open days this year; whether it be through a virtual tour or asking students questions via live chats. Both will allow you to get a sense of what the uni is like and whether you can picture yourself there.

The course here is also structured quite uniquely in that it is one of few in the UK to offer an undergraduate general engineering course. This is not only valuable for those who don’t know which stream they want to pursue yet, but it’s also important in gaining a fundamental understanding of the various branches of engineering. In year 2, you can choose your stream and then in year 3, you will be working on your personal project.

Lecturers never fail to surprise me with their vast range of knowledge and how they are able to answer any question I have. Generally, lecturers here are happy for you to email them or approach them following the lecture to clarify any knowledge. I’m really happy with all the lecturers I’ve had so far as they are enthusiastic and can keep the lecture hall full of 300+ students engaged.

Also, there are a lot of perks to doing Engineering at Warwick. One of which is that you get access to the Build Space, which is an amazing place where you can work on both group and personal projects!

One thing which pleasantly surprised me when I first started was the number of international students on the course and at Warwick in general. Due to this, I have learnt a variety of traditional dishes from a range of countries and even basic vocabulary! It’s also interesting to hear about engineering developments from across the globe. Diversity is prominent at Warwick, even amongst UK students, and there is a range of cultural societies on campus made available to everyone.

Overall, I have loved my time at Warwick so far and cannot wait for the year ahead!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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    It’s really exciting to see what you wrote. I hope I can also receive the offer of Warwick University, and I also want to have such a good experience.


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