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Why Coventry Is One Of The Best UK Student Cities

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Dear friends, hello and welcome back to my blog. I am very glad that I had some time this week to sort everything out in my life because lately, I got a bit overwhelmed with deadlines, events, family time and the entire work-social-health balance.In that sense, I will try in this blog to explore some uncommon characteristics and experiences that Coventry can offer its’ inhabitants. Hence, this “list” will cover most aspects in terms of nightlife, activities, places to visit, cultural experiences.

This industrial, yet old and historical city is famous mostly due to the close proximity of the University of Warwick(which I believe holds the 48th in the QS World University Rankings). Moreover, the city center is also home to the highly reputed Coventry University. Hence, the area has a very large student population, of which almost 40% are from outside the UK. That makes it a very attractive option for future students, especially international students. If you look at Warwick’s statistics, in particular, we have a total of 25,615 students, with 14,967 UG students and 9,398 PG students, out of which UK/EU are 17,471 and overseas (non-UK/EU): 6,894. That is quite an impressive number of international students at only one uni out of the two mentioned earlier.

Coventry also earns a high rating from graduate employers, reflecting both the strong reputation of its universities and the city’s long history of leadership in manufacturing and design. WBS is well-known as one of the best business schools in the country and for this reason, various corporations are looking to employ both Warwick and Coventry students. All in all, one of the most important reasons to choose Coventry as your home for your studies is this high rating from graduate employers.

When it comes to culture, Warwick University’s Arts Centre is one of the largest in the UK (largest one outside London), and Coventry also has several theatres, museums art galleries, and large venues for music and sporting events: Belgrade Theatre, Odeon, Showcases events, Albany Theatre, Criterion Theatre, Coventry Transport Museum, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, The Coventry Music Museum, St. Mary’s Guildhall, Sgt’s Bilko Vintage Emporium& The Phil Silver’s Archival Museum. In my next blog posts for December, I will try my best to maybe visit a couple of them to get more into specifics because I am very fond of these sort of cultural activities.

I would like to conclude by saying that one of the small projects I would like to do during my last year at uni would be a mini-series of what I like to call “museum hunt”. Out of the two blog posts/vlog, I would love to include reviews and go into more depth about art and the museums that are located in Coventry and the vicinity. When we are really stuck in this routine of work-home, the best way to refresh and recharge with positivity and good vibes is through art. Whenever in doubt, go visit a new museum and you will never be disappointed. Thank you, dear readers, and hope to see you next time on my blog.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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