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Why Claycroft?

Hello everyone!

And just like that, Term 2 has come to an end. Its unbelievable how quick time flies when you are having a good time. Welcoming the Spring vacation with open arms for 2 reasons. First, this break has been long overdue (given the fact that Econ students do not have a reading week). Secondly, I will be traveling to Barcelona, Spain during the break and I am super excited for the trip. (will update about the trip here !!)

However, today I will be talking about my university accommodation, Claycroft. Over the past few weeks, I had let my room open during the open day for prospective students and visitors. Basically, the work is simple: Sit in my room for 2 hours and allow visitors to have a look around and my room and 25 pounds will be credited to my EatingAtWarwick card. Hence, I got the chance to meet and speak with a few prospective students and their parents while earning some pocket money. In my conversations with them, I always tell them how high I rate Claycroft and why I think it is the best accommodation on campus for people like me (re: cool people).

These are the top 3 reasons (not in any particular order) as to why Claycroft would be a great choice for university accommodation.

Claycroft is such a strategic location in terms of its distance from quite a number of important places but more so significant, if you are doing Economics, Maths/Stats or other Humanities degree. This is because most of our lectures are 5 – 10 minutes away. So, people who hit snooze way too often like me, can still make it to lectures and seminars despite waking up late. Besides that, Claycroft is literally 3 MINUTES AWAY from Tesco. Folks, I cannot stress the importance of this point enough. You will not know how great it is to stay this close to Tesco until you are super hungry at 2AM in the morning or when you see your friend who lives in Sherbourne carry all their groceries (up to 5/6 bags) all the way to the other side of the planet (re: campus but it feels like the other side of the planet).

Also. The Students Union and the Rootes Grocery store is about 10 minutes away and the Library is 7 minutes away. So, all in all, it is not too far away from everything.

This moderate distance gives us an edge because it gives you a great degree of access to all the exciting things, but it also means you can always retreat to a comfortable and quiet place detached from the hustle and bustle of the campus.

In Claycroft, 8 people share a kitchen and 2 people share a bathroom. And yes, I did the Math. That is the OPTIMUM number of people to share a kitchen and a bathroom with, that maximizes total welfare while factoring in variables like price, size of room, size of kitchen, comfort and hygiene. It is a Pareto efficient point. Trust me, I am a future economist. There is no room for dispute on this one.

Obviously, Claycroft is not as ‘lit’ as other accomodations. We are relatively quieter, and we do not have great parties like Rootes or Jack Martin do (or maybe they do but I was not invited). But there is a positive element to that if you are not really a party person. However, from my observations, the people in Claycroft forge connections and bonds without loud music and alcohol. They make dinner together, play card games and have great conversations in the kitchen. I personally prefer a quiet place because I see my room as a place for me to recharge and heal myself after a long exhausting day. Once again, it all really depends on your preferences.

These are the top 3 reasons that I always share with prospective students. Of course, there are many other factors that people consider when deciding their accommodation. I would suggest prospective students to read reviews, speak to seniors and most importantly, visit the campus during open day to see it for yourself.

My experience with Claycroft has been good so far. After all, Claycroft was my first-choice accommodation. Not everyone is lucky to get their first-choice but my peers who did not put Claycroft as their first-choice have found it to be good as well and they are happy to be here. With that being said, I have to go now and finish up my EC104 essay assignment which is due to in another 6 days.

Cheers, Sugheson.

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