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Why choose Warwick as a Mature Student?

Why choose Warwick? Good question – for mature students this is a great way to get back into learning, or for some people the first chance to get a degree and you don’t need to have previous qualifications. Warwick Uni’s Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL) is aimed at mature students (anyone who’s over the age of 21 years of age I think) and there is no upper age limit. I’ve known people in there 50’s and 60’s taking on a new challenge and learning something new. There is a great range of courses that CLL offer. As a student ambassador for CLL, I’ve heard many reasons why people don’t think they could study at Warwick Uni. However, from my personal experience I believe that if you really want to you can. I’m a mother and a wife who also found out when I first started my degree that I have dyslexia too. For me I guess my main issue regarding studying for a degree was finance, and it’s probably the main reason why people say they can’t do it. Now while I can’t say specifically that finances won’t be a problem for you, this shouldn’t hold you back. There is funding available and you’re better off checking on Student Finance England to see what you might be entitled too. My other reason for taking so long to decide to do my degree was because I seriously thought I wasn’t clever enough, I didn’t believe I was academic enough to be able to achieve a degree. Let me put this out there… I’m now in my final year, probably about 9 weeks or so from finishing my degree. I have done it! It hasn’t always been easy but in July when I graduate I’m going to be able to hold my head up high and be very proud of this achievement. There is ample support from the university (or the college, if you do a 2+2 route), if you’ve always wanted to do a degree or just want to do it for pleasure, please don’t put yourself off by making up excuses like I did. Look into it seriously. See what it entails; speak to Student Finance England or even the finance team at Warwick Uni.

During the first week of the Easter vacation the new student ambassadors met up to go through training. We have lots of events arranged to promote CLL courses, where you will be able to meet with us and discuss more about the courses on offer and here our own thoughts on some of the degrees. Keep an eye open on the CLL webpage; I’m sure they’ll be posting about events on there. Personally, I have loved being a student ambassador; this is my 3 year in this role. It’s a great way to meet people and promote the courses that CLL offer and you don’t need to know everything. Also the cash can help too.

Well if you do read my blogs you may remember that last time I blogged I said I wasn’t going away over the Easter vacation. Well that’s now changed. Faith and me are planning a long weekend to Clacton to visit my auntie, while John stays at home and rearranges two rooms at home. We’ve decided to give Faith the larger bedroom, so that we can put all her toys in her new bedroom and she’ll have more room to play. Hopefully we can then get our living room back to some degree of normality. So we are looking forward to some walks along the sea front, Faith is hoping its nice enough to play on the beach and be able to take Sweep, my aunties dog for lots of walks. I think that this will probably be really beneficial for me to take 4 or 5 days off from writing my dissertation. I can then come back and look at it with fresh eyes.

Hope to meet some new people at the CLL events, and you never know in October you too could be a mature student at Warwick University!

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