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Why Choose Languages?

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

Studying linguistics has been one of my first passions and I can promptly declare it was ‘coup de foudre’ or love at first sight, as the French say. Consequently, I have tried learning as many languages as possible while also coping with my school progress such as getting into a great High School, keeping my grades high, discovering my weak spots and finding out ways to improve my academic skills. This process eventually led to me applying and receiving a place at this very selective and innovative university.

Languages have always been part of my life and central interests, and that is why I have chosen the course ‘Language, Culture and Communication’, as I felt it would give me all the necessary skills to evolve in a human resources/ public relations/ media environment. It is a general fact that speaking, reading, writing and basically understanding foreign languages expands your international awareness levels. Through English(C2), French(B1), German(A2), Portuguese(A1), Russian(A1) and Latin (as a subject of my Philology profile, for four consecutive years) I have integrated the entire language learning process not only to the communication field but also to the fascinating arts department, an area I am also intensely fond of. As far as I am concerned, art incorporates history, vision, feelings, expressions and fundamentally all we leave behind as ephemeral human beings.

The platform all our module powerpoints, assignments information and briefs are on Moodle, yet the Modern Languages department uses a separate platform called ‘Languages @ Warwick’ where I find all the information I need for my Russian module. Why did I choose Russian? Mostly out of my immense curiosity and attraction for this language, but also because of my heritage, as my grandmother was half Ukranian. I do not know how many of you know this, but Romania was a one-party socialist state from 1947 to 1989. Thus, Russians have had quite a say in Romania’s government, economy, education, the public and social life of the citizens. I was always intrigued by the language itself, as my parents know it and were obliged to learn it in school. After twelve weeks of Russian, I am glad to say I did not make a wrong decision when I enrolled at this language. It is thoroughly interesting and intense, as it is an Accelerated Course, two years integrated into one.

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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