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Why chemistry at Warwick?

Currently revising quantum mechanics and thanking Warwick in my head for wonderful lecturers and lecture capture therefore thought I should share with you all why I chose to study chemistry at Warwick.

Here are the reasons:

  1. They offer a year in industry/ abroad with their courses. This was the main reason why I was after Warwick the whole time. I’m from London but most London universities I looked at did not offer this scheme and I didn’t want to do a Masters which involved entirely studying for four years. With this scheme at Warwick, I will experience what it feels like to be working in an industry and then come back in year four to do a research project. In this way, I’ll get a feel for both industry and the research sector and I’ll be able to better decide which career pathway would be more appropriate for me.
  2. Warwick exams are summative (all at the end of the year). I am the kind of person who cannot deal with modular anything. I absorb knowledge over a period. Indeed, the lectures I struggled with at the beginning of the year now make sense.
  3. The courses at Warwick are accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry. I have always been a fan of the RSC. Indeed my 18th birthday present to myself was joining the RSC. This accreditation really confirms that the course content is of an advanced level and you know you’re studying a degree that has been endorsed by the world’s leading chemistry community.
  4. I did pay a lot of attention to league tables and the overall reputation of not just Warwick but the chemistry department in specific too. Whether league tables are reliable and really true is a matter of personal opinion but in order to improve my future prospects, I was convinced I had to consider them. I always found Warwick and the chemistry department in the list of top ten.
  5. I am a Twitter fanatic always tweeting about a lot of things but mainly chemistry. Reading about the cutting-edge research undertaken at Warwick on Twitter certainly inspired me to apply here. As a passionate chemist, I wanted to be taught by academics who were passionate about chemistry too and experts in their fields who took pride in what they do.

Additionally, it was love at first sight when I visited campus with my year group on an open day and ended up spending most of my time having food on campus with my friend.

All the information above was true for my year group (and I can’t imagine much changing) but do your own research anyway.

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