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Why campus?

I remember vividly those days in lower sixth where you venture to yet another University in another corner of the country you would never otherwise visit, and the greying lecturers and perky student tour guides would all slowly blur into one. This is where you would think I would say, to the delight of the recruitment department, ‘But Warwick was special right from the start, I knew I was home because….’ but sadly, this is not how me coming to be here happened. Although to be honest, it’s not far off.

Warwick University is a campus uni, and I am from a very small village in the South West, with Bath, the city I spent most of my time in, not exactly being a bustling metropolis. Therefore it’s safe to say I probably wouldn’t be overly comfortable with dealing with the tube every day to get to different buildings in London, that would have been a pretty big step for a shy 18 year old, fresh from a cliche European interrailing trip with girlfriends. I had visited Warwick for a night out with my sister, who also studies here, so was very familiar with the campus vibe, and the comfort from that familiarity probably did give Warwick the edge. We are all different though, I know people who have come to Warwick and left, feeling claustrophobic on our relatively small campus where you constantly bump into the same people, go on the same nights out and go home to the same halls.

Particularly in the first year, I do understand how some may find this infuriating or dull, and only really you will know what sort of life you are looking for. I can tell you that there are a lot of changes in coming to university, and I was grateful for not having to learn to navigate a huge city. It took all of about a week to truly get to grips with the campus, and by then I had plenty of other things to think about like my course, my friends, joining a good club and laundry.

I also hasten to add that whilst you live and work on campus in your first year, this does change in the following years where you can choose to live in one of the nearby towns. If you like the campus atmosphere and commuting doesn’t appeal, there is Canley which is walking distance. Most, however, go to Leamington Spa, which again isn’t a massive city, but it has shops, a train station and the majority of the people you know will have moved there. Additionally, the public transport on campus is pretty good, particularly for Leamington, and therefore you will find yourself frequenting these places for food, day trips and, of course, nights out, probably as soon as you have experienced more than one night in The Copper Rooms (the on campus club)!

Don’t disregard Warwick because it’s small, I think that’s what gives it it’s charm! If you haven’t visited before making your final choice, make sure you do, even/especially if it is not on an open day. Just getting a feel for the atmosphere is probably going to be what tips one university over the others and it is so important- so let me know if you want someone to show you round!

Fiona x

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