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Why attend an offer holder day?

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Well done on getting an offer to study here at Warwick! Some of you may be unsure about which university is right for you or what studying at university is really like. In order to answer such questions, I highly recommend that you attend one of our Offer holder days. I attended an Offer holder day back in 2018 which helped me decide that Warwick was the place for me.



Here are five reasons why you should attend an offer holder day:


You will get a feeling whether Warwick is the place for you


This may sound strange but coming to our campus will give you a feeling of excitement about Warwick. You will quickly learn that campus is like a mini village as we have our own grocery store, pharmacy and even a travel agent. This is one of the things I love about the university as being on a campus means you constantly bump into your friends and can grab a coffee. Everything is at your fingertips. On some of our offer holder days there are also the food markets. These provide a great opportunity to try something new and feel the buzz of campus


Experience what student life is really like


At offer holders days your department is likely to run academic sessions. When I attended an Offer Holder Day event I was able to go to a mini lecture on criminal law ran by Patrick Tomlin which provided me with an insight on what learning at Warwick would really be like. You can hear from student ambassadors but firsthand experience is vital when deciding which university you would like to go to.


The PPL department on offer holder days are holding a lunch, running an informal session, taster lecture and a separate Q&A for parents.


Learn about the campus

Our campus is massive and you can easily get lost till you learn your way around. On an Offer Holder day there are regular campus tours running from outside the Arts Centre. These will provide you with the key highlights of the campus and top tips from students. The tour tends to include information about accommodation, places to study plus that students experience. 


Gain insider knowledge

Student Ambassadors are super friendly and will be happy to help. They have lots of tips of what to and what not to do if you come to Warwick. When I visited nearly 3 years ago I talked to the Ambassadors who recommended that if I joined Warwick to join WWS (part-time job on campus). They also advised me on what accommodation may suit me better and provided knowledge which you could not gain from the prospectus. It was also reassuring during fresher/ Welcome Week as I saw some of the ambassadors who then spoke to me on Welcome Week helping with the transition to moving to university. I am giving a talk in the Arts Centre on all 2020 offer holder days as part of the Welcome to Warwick talk, be sure to drop by.


Meet potential course mates


When attending an offer holder day there will be people who are in the same situation as you deciding between which university they would like to attend. Be brave and get to know them. When visiting I met a girl from Luxembourg who then joined me on the degree in September.


If you have any questions about Offer Holder days be sure to comment below.


Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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