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Who to vote for in the General election- Politics society hustings

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

With the general election just around the corner the Politics Society held hustings with the candidates to be Warwickshire and Leamington’s next MP. I was delighted to be able to attend. After opening statements from the five candidates who attended the chair asked them what they thought the biggest challenge the constituency was facing. A majority of them agreed that Brexit was fundamentally holding Parliament back from making active change to policy; thus they felt that Brexit was the top priority. Understandably the Green candidate felt that the biggest issue was the climate emergency. The final question posed to the candidates was which was a more pressing issue the climate emergency or Brexit with a clear division between the candidates. Arguably only the Brexit Party felt that Brexit was more essential the others felt that the climate was a global issue that needed tackling with collation from all parties and other countries

After this the floor was opened for the audience to ask questions either broadly or to specific candidates. Currently studying the module Gender and the Law I felt an intriguing question was whether any of the candidates would stand down so that a woman could have their place. The candidates themselves noted that they were not a very diverse group as all were white, middle class men. Although none of them would give up their seat if elected to a woman they all hoped that their successor would be female. Matt Western explained about Labour’s all women shortlists in order to promote the amount of female candidates for the Labour Party whereas the Liberal Democrats noted that they had considered these shortlists. Notably the Conservative candidate argued that based on meritocracy he would not promote all women shortlists but did recognise that in the selection of candidates for his party there was a problem as women are not reaching the final stage of selection. The Brexit candidate somewhat indicated that it was purely bad luck that there were few women candidates. He threw the question out to the females of the audience asking why don’t we stand as candidates? For me I felt that he perhaps did not recognise barriers that women face compared to men particularly in sectors such as government (my module Gender and the Law has shined a light on some of these for me).

Inevitably there were questions about the Party leaders, lack of trust in politics and the effect on the NHS because of Brexit. To view the hustings be sure to check out the recording of them on the Pol Soc website. 

What I found particularly interesting is that two of the candidates had attended Warwick University showing that graduates of Warwick go onto to do a variety of things. 

Please ensure to vote it doesn’t matter who just vote! You can find all the information of where the polling stations are on the University Instagram page.


Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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