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Who Am I? (Classroom Personalities)

In many respects, university is a lot like school; often you don’t want to go, there are a ton of people you don’t know and even though you aren’t there all day, you still come home exhausted. Despite there certainly being differences, this post’s topic is going to be one very recurrent theme between secondary school and university: personalities in the classroom/seminar room. Throughout your university life, you are going to share classes with hundreds of fellow students and there is an inclination as a Fresher to believe that you will be great friends with all of them – you’re wrong. You will however remain casual acquaintances with a great deal of them so it can be nice to know what to expect. In this post, I’m going to detail the four main stereotypes of class peer that you will almost definitely encounter during your studies (obviously, nobody fits wholly into one profile but they’re more sort of traits if you get me).

The Grafter

A personality met with jealousy by most students. The Grafter is the most hard-working soul you know and would sooner miss their own birthday than lecture. They are guaranteed to make you feel guilty about how much work you put into…well everything so in the interests of protecting yourself from such guilt, people tend to avoid asking them about what work they have done. Having said that, they’re an absolute score for group-work, The Grafter will set your team up for success and (dare I say it) will probably tackle a greater portion of the workload than the rest of you.

The Natural

A depressingly commonplace character in language departments. The Natural does what it says on the tin, they’re naturally amazing and seem to put in very little effort for very good grades – often, in languages they also come with suspiciously European surnames. Despite the resentment which they incur, The Natural is often a good ally as they don’t generate the feelings of guilt caused when a friend is doing more work than you. However, this does often cause problems later in the year when they don’t need to study for exams but you absolutely do.

The Who?

A far too common occurrence in first year. You may encounter The Who in your first seminar, you will probably get paired with them for a group exercise and you will almost definitely get to envisaging a beautiful friendship between the two of you for the rest of your uni days. However, in these circumstances The Who almost always disappears off the face of the planet, never to be seen again. By third term, the question “Remember The Who?” will be pretty commonplace in seminars, usually only to be met with one person reminiscing about this one time they saw them on a night out.

The Casual

Probably the most common type of student there is going. The Casual is all about cutting corners wherever possible. Coupled with a pretty unimpressive attendance record The Casual won’t really offer much to a seminar unless directly asked – you can normally tell who they are as they’re the ones who are leaning right back on their chair with their legs out-stretched. The most impressive thing about The Casual is their seemingly endless phone battery, they tend to use it throughout the entire seminar/lecture which begs the question, why do they bother showing up?

I’m pretty sure nobody fits one of these profiles completely and no doubt we all show a little glimmer of each of these but maybe consider this a heads up for the sort of characters you might run into on campus.

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