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Which on-campus accommodation?

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Choosing which accommodation to apply for is one of the biggest choices you have to make before arriving at university. Warwick has a range of different types of accommodation on offer which all provide a decent standard of living. It’s good to do your research though and read about which ones might be for you as a lot of the people you will make friends with, especially in your first year, will be from your accommodation.


So I will start off with my own accommodation: Jack Martin. Jack Martin is perfect for those who want lots of opportunities to socialise but also want some peace and quiet at times. The lower floors tend to be louder whereas the top floors (at least from my understanding), are slightly quieter but still very social. You can request whether you want to be in a quiet area for any accommodation when you apply. Location-wise, although I may be a bit biased, Jack Martin is definitely one of the best. Being only a 5 minute walk from the Students’ Union and a 10 minute walk to most lecture theatres and the library, Jack Martin is very central but at the same time situated in quite a peaceful area surrounded by trees and greenery. The accommodation itself is very nice, with the en suites having baths and the rooms and kitchens being a decent size.


Arthur Vick is very similar to Jack Martin and its location is central too, situated directly next to Jack Martin. The main difference though is that Arthur Vick has a bit more kitchen space for socialising. It is also good to remember that both Arthur Vick and Jack Martin are 35 week lets meaning you have to move all your belongings out at Easter. If this does not bother you and you want to save on five weeks’ worth of rent, then opting for residences with a 35 week let may be a good option for you.


If your criteria revolves around luxury, then Bluebell is the place to look at with its three-quarter-sized beds and plush en suites. Of course, the rent is relatively high but you do get what you pay for. Bluebell even lights up in different colours at night…


Rootes is considered to be the louder of residences and its close proximity to the Students’ Union means it perfect for those who want to be in the Terrace Bar, Dirty Duck or Copper Rooms most nights. Rootes is split between ‘old’ Rootes and ‘new’ Rootes, with ‘new’ obviously generally being the plusher of the two but you don’t get a choice over this when you apply.


A bit further out but set in very nice surroundings are Lakeside, Heronbank and Sherbourne. Sherbourne is a particularly nice residence and very modern. Although it’s about a 10-15 minute walk to get to central campus meaning you’ll have to wake up slightly earlier in the mornings, the benefit (or not depending on what your personality is) is that the surrounding area is more quiet meaning you can study and sleep more when you like and then head off to central campus when you want to socialise.


If you like eating lots, Claycroft is the closest residence to Tesco and also close to the Maths and Stats building if that’s what you will be studying. Claycroft is more flat-style living and although it isn’t en suite, you only share a bathroom with one other person – so it’s almost en suite but without the expensive rent!


With regards to the other accommodations, Tocil is close to the sports centre (although a new one has just opened which is near to Lakeside, Heronbank and Sherbourne). Tocil is also situated very conveniently being relatively close to the library and humanities building and not too far from the Maths and Stats building. Westwood is the furthest accommodation from central campus and, therefore, the longest walk. However, people I know who go to Westwood don’t say this is always a bad thing as it means you build really good friendships with the people at Westwood and it has a strong community feel to it. There is also a shuttle bus service which takes you to central campus if you really don’t want to walk or if you’re late for a lecture. On the complete other end of the spectrum, you have Whitefields which is as central as you can get being only about a two minute walk to the Students’ Union. The accommodation is quite basic and there’s not a whole lot of space because Whitefields is essentially a series of small houses in a way. But with incredibly cheap rent, it’s good value for money.   


And finally, Cryfield and Redfern, although not right in the centre of campus, are not too much of a walk away either which means you get the best of both worlds. These are also not situated too far from the new sports centre, the five-a-side football pitches and Cryfield sports pitches so if you like sport, these accommodations will be convenient.


That was a very brief overview of the on-campus accommodation types that Warwick has to offer. Other than for Jack Martin where I live, I am mainly going on what I hear from other people and where they’re located with regards to the other accommodations. So use this as a starting point to perhaps create a shortlist and then it would probably be a good idea to speak to students who actually live in the accommodations you are seriously considering. Open Days are a good opportunity to do that.


Lewis Chinchen | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Lewis

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