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Which Accommodation Should You Pick? (Quiz)

Picking your halls for first year is a difficult decision. There are loads of choices and little aside from cost and bathroom allocation to differentiate between them.

That’s why I’ve made this handy quiz to help you decide which accommodation you should go for. Enjoy!

  1. Are you the kind of person who likes long walks and lots of time to ponder your life choices?

  1. Yes

  2. No

If you answered yes, Westwood is for you! It’s somewhere between 15 and 25 mins walk from central campus, depending on how long your legs are, giving you plenty of time to wonder why you didn’t get up earlier for your lecture.

  1. Do you like being asked “oh yeah, I’ve heard of that one, where is it?” over and over again?

  1. Yes

  2. I’ll manage

  3. No

If you answered No, I don’t recommend Arthur Vick, Jack Martin, Tocil, Sherbourne, Lakeside or Heronbank. All joking aside, some are more tucked away than others and require some explanation of where they are. It’s all part of the fun.

  1. Do you want to seem cool and mysterious when people ask you where you live?

  1. Of course

  2. Not bothered

If you answered ‘a’, Lakeside, Heronbank and Sherbourne are the ones for you. No one is quite sure where they are which gives them an air of mystery. You could also achieve the same effect with sunglasses and a big coat.

  1. How big are your biceps?

  1. I lift…bro

  2. Errrm, what?

There comes a time for every fresher when they need food. Trips to Tesco are essential but lugging the bags back to your kitchen can be quite a task. If you live further away, you’ll need more muscle power to get your stuff back. Westwood and Claycroft are ideally located to make a quick trip to Tesco. Redfearn and Cryfield are quite a lot further away. PRO TIP: when you go to Tesco: use a basket, not a trolley, as this will give you a more accurate picture of how much you can carry when you have to lug it back home.

  1. How envious do you want to make someone when they ask you where you live?

  1. Very

  2. Quite

  3. Not at all

If you answered ‘a’, Bluebell is a good pick. The ensuites, big rooms and spacious kitchens make Bluebell residents the envy of all other accommodations.

  1. Do you like geese?

  1. Yes

  2. HONK (or whatever noise a goose makes)

Warwick is famous for its wildlife. One goose even had its own facebook page at one point. You’ll get to see more of our ever watchful guardians if you live in Heronbank or Lakeside.

  1. Do you want to live in an accommodation looks like a little house?

  1. Sounds great

  2. No thanks

Whitefields may look like it’s built for Hobbits but I hear they do accept normal people.

  1. Do you want to be pretty much equidistant from everything?

  1. Yes please

  2. No

  3. What is this quiz!?

Full disclosure, I lived in Arthur Vick in my first year. It sits nicely in the middle, it’s not the most expensive and it’s not the cheapest. It sits 5 mins from the SU, 2 mins from the Sports Centre, 10 mins from Tesco. In terms of location, I would say it’s the best, but I’m obviously extremely biased.

This was a bit of fun but I hope you’ve got a better sense of what qualities some of the different accommodations have.

The truth is, wherever you end up, you’ll love it. Every accommodation has its advantages and disadvantages but regardless of what these are, you’ll come to love your time there.

If you have any questions about accommodations, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below 🙂

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