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whew. week 0 to 8 in one piece!

For many international students, moving to university can be twice as nerve wracking as it usually is; especially when,like me, you’re moving across continents and from sleeveless top weather to layers of sweaters and jumpers. Thankfully, Warwick’s new “week zero” a.k.a. fresher’s week makes it considerably easier to do so. Within a week of arriving in the U.K. I had sorted my banking needs, joined societies on campus and met people from my course and department. Although I still get homesick at times, I find that it’s really easy to find spaces that feel relatable here. For me, that was the anti-sexism society. With events almost every week, I’ve had the chance to interact with feminists from so many different backgrounds who share the same passion to engage with feminism. 

Having no previous experience with philosophy or psychology, I was also extremely nervous about coming to study it in university. I remember reading the first text we were assigned at least three times over just to be sure I understood it properly! Admittedly, it does takes a bit of time to find your feet in a new field but with the support the department provides, it’s certainly less daunting. I took part in workshops about critical reading and writing and worked through resources provided by the department on how to write a good philosophy essay. Being a small department, it’s really easy to find support. I didn’t even expect my seminar tutors to know my name, but they do! 

No new chapter is easy and the same goes for university. That being said though, trust me when I say it’s defintely doable with all the support the university provides. I’m excited to head back home to Accra for the christmas break but honestly, I’m equally excited to return in term 2 for the whirlwind of activities, this time of course, much more prepared. 


  • fafa

    wow! this piece made me feel a lot better about my own freshers experience!


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