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Where to study in term 3

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

Exam season brings out the stress in all of us. As everyone is focussed on learning, campus is always very full. Therefore, I thought I would use today’s blog to give you a few tips or ideas on possible places to study. A change in environment can sometimes help you stay motivated and concentrated.


This is the obvious first option. The library has 5 floors, that are divided into “group project” areas, and “silent study” areas. If you manage to get a space, it’s is a great place to study. You’ve got coffee downstairs, printers, scanners, books,…

As quickly mentioned above, the only con would have to be the fact that its always super busy. You are going to have to get there early in the morning if you want a space.

Roots Learning Grid:

This is a good study area because it easily easily accessible on the centre of the campus. There is a “loud” area, if you want to study with a study group, or friends, and there is also a “silent” area, for those of you who need it to concentrate and work more efficiently.

One of the disadvantages however, is that as it so convenient, a LOT of students go there to study. This results in very limited studying efficiency and you see all your friend and spend hours socialising with them instead of focussing on your work.


The Oculus is one of the places where I personally can stay concentrated in all day. It gets lots of light, its spacious, you do not feel like work or studying is suffocating you at all ! Personally, I do not see any disadvantages to studying in this beautiful building. I also always seem to find space, which cannot be said for other places on campus.

Humanities café:

This place has a really cute atmosphere with the charts playing as background music, and the little seating area outside. Like the library, if you manage to get a space, it’s really nice to study there. However, if you have to study in silence to be efficient, this might not be the place for you. The background music, and surrounding chatter might be a distraction.

Social sciences café:

This social sciences café is pretty much the same as the humanities café. If you manage to study with surrounding chatter, it’s great! (Though it can get a bit chilly with the automatic doors beside it).

WBS Grid:

I personally really like the WBS building. It’s modern, it’s spacious, it’s what I need to work efficiently. The chairs and sofas are super comfortable, and there are laptop sockets everywhere, and the WBS café close by. However, it is not a necessarily “silent study area”. While there are times where it is quiet, people are not obligated to be quiet in this grid. Also, it is very popular so you might not always find a place.

Little tip: if you are not a WBS student, and do not feel like waiting in front of the room for a WBS student to open the grid door, just as one of your fellow WBS friends to let you in, I promise they won’t mind.

In the sun!

One of the (only) great things about term 3 is that it is finally starting get warm. The campus is surrounded by little parks or fields, use them to study! It will be useful to oxygenate your brain, and it will make studying so much nicer !

If you want to check any of these places out, but do not know where they are, use the interactive campus map!

I wish you the best of luck for your exams !

Sophie Schremser
Sophie Schremser | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sophie

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