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Where to eat on campus? The best places for lunch

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Did you know there are 21 places on campus to grab a bite to eat?

I love food! I am always eager to try something new and explore different foods. Sometimes people are worried by the fact that Warwick is a self-catering university meaning you will need to learn to cook some dishes before arriving. This article hopes to reassure you that you will not just be living off pasta or ready meals for the duration of your degree. I have decided to write about places to eat on campus in this blog and the next so keep an eye out (there will be three blogs: lunch, dinner, snack and drinks). This blog focuses on where to grab lunch. ALWAYS REMBER TO USE YOUR STUDENT CARD as this will get you 10% off when the restaurant/ cafe is owned by the university or the SU. 

The Bread Oven

One of my favourite places to grab lunch is the Bread Oven. I would describe it as a posh Subway. You get to select either a fresh white or brown baguette before choosing your filings. What I like about the Bread Oven is that they have weekly specials. The special this week is Jamaican Jerk Chicken. You can upgrade your sub to a meal deal meaning you get a snack and a drink for a few pennies more.

My personal recommendation: a white baguette with prawns, salmon, lettuce, cucumber and sweetcorn drizzled with lemon juice (£3.75).


Up next is the NAIC cafe. They offer a variety of cooked breakfast, hot lunches, sandwiches, coffee and cakes meaning there is something for everyone. What I like about the NAIC is the fact that it is a bit further out from central campus meaning it is a bit quieter plus it has a lovely new aesthetic as it was only opened last year.

My personal recommendation: the fish finger sandwich is one of the best!

Cafe Humanities

Are you in a hurry then the humanities cafe, social sciences cafe or Gibbet Hill cafe are where you need to head? They all offer the same sort of lunch things ranging from wraps, toasties and soup. All these places serve a large variety of drinks making it so convenient.

Personal recommendation: The chicken, cheese and bacon panini. They will heat it for you meaning the cheese melts and it warms you up on a cold winters day.

Pret A Manger

Pret A Manger

Brand new this academic year, Pret is ideally located and a perfect treat. Be warned though that some things are a little pricey, they do not accept student cards so you will need cash or card and they charge you to sit inside. I like going to Pret for a treat. If you had a hard /busy day studying treat yourself.

Personal recommendation: the cookies ask for it to be warmed- there is nothing better!



Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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