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Where I’m at with essays!

So it’s been a busy term, if any of you don’t know I am now in second year so the work load is a bit tougher but definitely managable. Over Christmas I was set 2 summative essays and a portfolio, (however this may varying depending on the module you choose and whether you’re doing joint honours), which all had to be submitted at the beginning of January so my start of term was very busy! If you start early enough you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to essays but if you’re the type of person who works better under pressure and leaves your essay till later then there is nothing wrong with that. For me personally, I like to start mine early but I have occasionally left them till late but I’m not a fan of the pressure haha!

After these essays were submitted, it was the start of term so I had some new modules e.g. Commercial Cultures in Global Capitalism, Relationships and Family Change and Quantitative Research, that I had to learn about but at the moment I would say my favourite is Commercial Cultures because I particularly like our lecturer Lynne Pettinger, I have found her really helpful and her seminars very interesting. Anyway back to essays, from about week 2-4 we didn’t have much in the way of essays but we did have to start thinking about reading week (6) essays. For me, I had an 800 word formative essay [formative essays don’t count towards your final grade] and a 1500 word technical report. The technical report graphs and tables were mostly completed in class and the writing didn’t take long, so that was submitted before reading week (as the deadline was before reading week). The 800 formative essay I didn’t find too bad however only time and my grade will tell but what is great about formatives is they are practice for the real thing so I definitely recommend doing them.

I now have to plan for my Easter essays but I am starting early because my formative essay for Relationships is due in March but around the same time my summative essays [the ones that do count], so if I can get that out of the way I can start planning my real essays. For Easter I have; 1500 word technical report and a 2500 word law essay. Easter will also be a time to write the essays that are due in May, may as well write them over Easter so they don’t spill over into exam season.

Despite having a busy term, I am still making time for my friends and myself, it is really important to still socialise and keep up hobbies because when you are stressed it is easy to just drop everything to focus on work however I would suggest finding a balance. University is definitely the priority but don’t waste your time whilst you’re here.

As usual email me if you have any questions: mel_1996_100@hotmail.com

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