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Where I go when I have free time on campus

In my first year, I could go back to my accommodation in between lectures and seminars, especially because I lived in Whitefields which was a 5 minute walk away from everything on campus. Living off-campus this year is therefore a big change, because it isn’t worth it for me to go back to my house if I have less than 3 hours of break time given the time I would spend on the bus, so I now find myself spending a lot of my days on campus without simply being able to go back to my accommodation. This has given me the opportunity to figure out where I like to spend my time when I know I’m going to be on campus for a while.


My first destination when I have free time is usually the Law Hub. It can get a bit busy, so I don’t necessarily go there if I want to work (although depending on the time of the day it can be quieter and perfect for a study session) but rather if I want to fill up my mug with some free coffee/tea/hot chocolate that the Law Hub has, and chat with friends before a lecture. The thing with the Law Hub is that you’re almost always sure to find someone you know there, and sometimes all of my will to study evaporates when I see someone I haven’t talked to in a while. But overall, it’s just a really cosy place, especially when it gets cold and dark outside, and recently I’ve also started to go there when I’m waiting for the rush hour to be over before taking the bus home.

Now, when I really need to get some work done, I usually head to the quiet floors of the library. They can also get quite busy, but because we aren’t currently in exam times, I’m usually able to find a seat there. There’s little to nothing to distract me there so it’s the perfect place to go when I’m lacking the motivation to study, because it forces me to stay focused on my work. Additionally, books on each floor are organized by subjects, so if you study on the floor your books are located in, you can just grab what you need and get back to work. And if you need a small break, you have the Library Café right below to grab some food!

Finally, my discovery of the year has been the Oculus! I agree that it’s a strange thing to discover given that it’s massive and right in the centre of campus, but last year I would only go there for lectures and then leave. This year, I’ve really started to appreciate it as a space to spend time in though. It has quite a lot of seating areas, and I love working on the top floor while staring out of the giant windows. The Oculus also has its own small coffee shop (which is currently decorated for the holidays and very adorable), and it is  home to the Career Drop-ins so overall it’s a good place to be 🙂

As a side-note, this year I’ve noticed that it can be quite tiring to spend the entire day on campus and not have time to wind down in my room, so I’ve found that just going for walks around campus and listening to music helps me take a break when I need it.


And that’s it for this small blog! I know that a lot of students are currently filling in their UCAS applications and it can be a stressful time, so please message me if you have any questions about studying Law, or about Warwick and I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

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