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Where Have I Been…

It’s been a hectic year and another great one at Warwick for me; I’ve been slightly abusing my duties in writing blogs and I do apologise to those who read this blog and/or are thinking of applying. So where’ve I been?

So I’m in my fourth year now at Warwick which means I’ve chosen the four year integrated masters of MORSE. I’ve written extensively about why I chose to do four years in other blogs feel free to check them out! I’m going to talk to you about what I’ve done so far this year!

This year started out great for me with the news that I was awarded the Thomas Bayes prize last year which is awarded to the highest examination results for those going into their fourth year. It was a complete shock (but obviously a great one) to achieve something like that; some of my peers are brilliant so I think I must’ve got lucky in quite a few exams! The department awards four or five certificates to every year group for exam performance which means that it is a reasonable goal for every student to reach. It adds motivation to not just get a first but to get as high a score as possible. It’s actually very rare for a department to award certificates to students; in fact, I don’t know of any other university or department that does for every year – many do for final year results! The department also gives out monetary reward along with the awards which is another added incentive!

First term was crazily busy for me with five modules and a dissertation to write; you usually do four modules a term so my workload was significant! This came along with the usual coursework, class-tests and problem sheets that every module does and a dissertation that is hard to breakthrough (as the mathematics is very difficult, but I’ll try and write a separate blog on this). I did a great module in first term called Spreadsheet Modelling. I am so happy I had the opportunity to take this module and it has taught me so many things that will prove invaluable in the job market and for my personal life. I mention “opportunity to take it” as this module is offered as a master’s module in the Warwick Business School, other students were paying £32,000 for it!

My second term has been much more chilled as I have only had two modules to do but my dissertation has kept me busy. I am currently taking a break from it to write this blog!

As this is also my last year at Warwick, I’ve been very conscious to make the most of this year. I live with two of the guys from last year (the rest unfortunately graduated) and another friend from my course. It’s a small flat with very little room between us with the smallest living room you’ve probably ever seen. However, as we all get on so well we end up stood chatting in the hallway into the early hours about politics (who isn’t talking about Trump?) or football etc etc. I feel I have made the most of this year so far and that isn’t going to stop, unless my dissertation gets in my way…

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