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where has the time gone?

So we are fast approaching week 5, meaning we are nearly half way through term 1. What have I done? What have I achieved? A high stress level and the sleeping pattern of an owl. But not all is bad, I’m hinting about writing my essays. Thinking is very different than doing. I can’t stress that enough. I have been thinking about these essays since week 1, in theory I should be almost done, but I haven’t written a word. One thing you must remember is that your lectures are literally the minimal foundation for your essays. Use your lectures to understand what your lecturer is e pecking, what themes do they particularly spend time on. You have to write your essay to ensure you are hitting the themes explored in lecture. Take the time to talk to your tutor and see what advice hey give you. At the end of the day, they are going to mark your essay, so write to make your tutor impressed. Latin language, I’m loving it. It’s bit more face paced than beginners Greek. That may be due to the fact you’re not learning a new alphabet. The key to language is to practice everyday, little and often, makes your life so much easier when it comes to exams. I’ve found a great balance between my 3 essay based modules to my language module. So, hope everyone is doing well. Keep having fun, but focus now, the end of term is going to creep up on you…….meaning those deadlines are coming.

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