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Where do Warwick students live off-campus?

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good first several weeks of 2018!

For this blog, I’m going to talk about off-campus living for Warwick students after first-year. It is a much more independent way of living because as a group we are responsible for the upkeep of the house. I like feeling part of a local community and having a change of scenery from Warwick’s campus each day.

But deciding where to live for the next academic year can seem quite a daunting task. Firstly, you have to decide who to live with (last years’ flatmates, course friends, society friends etc), how many people to live with, which town and whether to rent privately or through Warwick Accommodation. The University manages over 400 properties in the areas around the University, and renting with them is hassle-free. There are no deposits, the contract is signed online, each tenant pays their rent separately (and are charged a fixed amount based on room size). There is also the advantage that a mechanic is guaranteed to fix any fault promptly.

Students tend to live in areas of Coventry, Leamington Spa or Kenilworth and I will give you a brief overview of what each of the towns is like and the pros and cons.


-Canley and Cannon’s Park: These areas are within walking distance of the campus so living here is obviously the more convenient option, as there is no need to factor in bus times into your day-to day routine. For Life Sciences students, it can be a fair walk because the Gibbet Hill campus is located further away from Canley than the main campus. In Cannon’s Park there is a shopping centre which has a large Tesco, Wilko, Boots to name few, and this is about 15 minutes walk from Central Campus. If you want to go out for the day/night, you can easily get a bus to Leamington or Coventry.

-Coventry centre: Bus times can range from 15-30 minutes, as traffic can be heavy at peak times. There are plenty of things to do, with the Odeon, bars, restaurants, ice rink, Ricoh Arena, Kasbah nightclub and the good shopping centres. This is a good choice if you like living in a city.

-Earlsdon (where I live), is a small, residential suburb featuring Victorian and Georgian terrace houses. The bus takes around 15 minutes, and you can walk to the centre of Coventry in about 15 minutes. The High Street has all you need, and I like how the cafes, restaurants and bars are all independently run (barring Wetherspoons-although this is a great place.) It is a quiet area, but there are good links to Coventry centre and Leamington Spa if you want to go out. There are several parks a short walk away which I plan to make use of during breaks from revision next term.

-Kenilworth: This is a quieter area, with a countryside feel to it. I’ve been for walks here and visited the castle and there’s plenty of good pubs, restaurants and shops. There are no bars or nightclubs but you can easily get a bus. It takes around 15 minutes to get to campus. The downside is that fewer Warwick students live there.

-Leamington Spa- this is the most popular location for Warwick students, so it is great for meeting friends. There are plenty of good restaurants, bars, high-street shops and nightclubs. There are several parks, with Jephson Gardens being our venue for next month’s BioSoc Ball. The downside is that the bus journey can take up to an hour, especially during peak times and the buses can get full during peak times. As a Life Sciences student, we have high contact hours and early lectures so this was a factor that leaned me away from here.

Overall, all the areas around University are great for students-I would advise exploring the areas first and also visiting houses before you sign any contract. Until next time 🙂

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