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Where can I go with Computer Science? (Part 2)

In this second part of my post, I’m exploring some other career paths that I’ve been considering. If you haven’t read the first one, check it out here.

Consulting sector

Examples: PwC, Deloitte, Atos, Accenture

Now, I’m going to be honest with you – I didn’t really understand what consultancy was until a couple of weeks ago. In fact, this really appeals to me now because:

  • Work is project-based
  • Through working with various clients, one gets exposure to various industries
  • Often, travel to the client site is required for a consultant – this can be international

I’ve been considering technology/IT consultancy as it’s very client-oriented but requires an in-depth knowledge of technology.

Higher Education sector

 Example: University of Warwick


For those with a love for learning, researching and teaching, academia is the way to go.

There are two main ways to go as an academic: down the teaching route, or down the research route. At universities like Warwick, which have research-led teaching, the distinction is a bit blurred as our lecturers draw from their research in their teaching.

I’m going to get my first proper experience of research in my third year CS project, where we get to choose our own topics and explore something that really interests us. How exciting!

If I find that I really enjoy it, and that there’s a particular area in CS that I want to research further, then who knows – I may never leave uni at all 😉

Professional Services

This one really took me by surprise (but really shouldn’t have).

Universities are also companies. As such, not only do academics work at a university, but there are many people working for the university’s Professional Services; some interesting departments in Warwick include IT Services, Strategic Planning and Analytics, and Marketing. Some key benefits of working at a uni:

  • Working in a higher education environment – with a clear purpose
  • Working in a diverse multinational community of staff and students
  • A good work-life balance

I had an amazing experience working with Warwick’s Professional Services last summer. It wasn’t something I had in mind when applying through the Warwick Summer Internship (WSI) programme, which has opportunities within Warwick and with companies in the regional area, but it was a fantastic discovery.

Useful resources

Student Careers & Skills

Warwick has a skills and careers platform for students called MyAdvantage, which I’ve used a lot. I’ve used it to:

  • Book appointments on careers advice – this really helped me explore my options as a CS student
  • Get advice on CVs and cover letters – really mega helpful
  • Complete my Strengths Profile – this is something I really recommend, as it has helped me understand my strengths and which activities energise me
  • Apply for internships as part of Warwick’s Summer Internship programme

Useful Websites

Bright Network has a number of useful resources that I’ve found really useful, such as their career path guides.

Prospects is another one that I really like.

There are plenty of other options that I haven’t touched upon in these posts – in sectors such as games/entertainment, security and scientific research – so the answer to the question ‘Where can I go with Computer Science?’ is… pretty much anywhere! 😀

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