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Where am I living?

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So soon offer-holders will be choosing their accommodation for next year – but for a lot of people, the process starts out as a bit of a mystery. How do you do it?

For the people looking at the process itself, you complete a form that is made available in June, then find out where you’ll be in September. The form in my year asked us to list either 5 or 6 choices of accommodation in preference order, and then complete some information such as what time we woke up/went to bed, whether we wanted single-sex floors, whether we wanted quiet places, and then a space to write a paragraph about your interests. This didn’t take long to complete, so don’t worry! One thing that was difficult though was to decide where to write down as your choices.

I have to admit, I made my choices almost based purely on a budget. It was the better option for me as I took account of my student finance and how much I would have to live on. My 5 choices were, in this order:

1. Jack Martin

2. Tocil

3. Whitefields – the one I ended up with

4. Claycroft

5. Redfern

As the system used is one of preference allocation, where it is attempted to try and allocate one of the highest preferences for everyone, it isn’t first come first served. I know people who received their first choice (Jack Martin) or their fourth, yet as everyone says, it is the people who make the accommodation and the year (which sounds very cliche). So what accommodations do you think you might want to write down?

It’s important to note that there may be some restrictions on which accommodations you can apply for if they are very oversubscribed. In my year, you could only apply for one accommodation out of Jack Martin and Arthur Vick, since they were very oversubscribed (so one 34 week ensuite). You could also only apply for a maximum of 2 39 week en suite rooms – out of Bluebell/Sherbourne/Heronbank/Lakeside. This is important for making sure you don’t get caught out when you apply!

Other than that, use all the resources available to choose your places. For those who were able to look at accommodations while visiting campus, try using those as a benchmark, and if not, the accommodation website has pretty comprehensive details! Also, try using student blogs here – there are many talking about their accommodations and it is really useful to get a student’s perspective.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog – please let me know if you have any questions!


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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