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Where am I going to live?!

Warwick accommodation opens in week 9, scary! DON’T PANIC. The biggest question is where do you want to live. There are three main areas for second years Canley, Coventry and Leamington.

Canley: It’s Quiet, close to campus (extra lie-in woo) & calm (full night’s sleep woo) but far away from any clubs & not many buses go through Canley so you would have to walk to the bus interchange

Coventry (Earlsdon):Biggest rooms I have ever seen! Double bed is pretty much a guarantee, the bus pass is cheaper & buses stop super close to your house. Buses aren’t as frequent as Leamington, if they’re early they won’t wait at the stop, only place to go out is Kasbah, perfect for a Monday, Tuesday and Friday & Pop! Everyone’s favourite well, the last bus is usually around 1 so you can’t get the full Disco Dave experience

Leamington Spa: Close to Neon, Propaganda, the Assmebly and Smack, most people live in Leam so you should be close to some friends& For those shopaholics prepare to break your bank. The properties go super quickly, smaller rooms (I basically live in a Harry Potter style room) & the buses. For the first few weeks you will be a sardine but they do calm down!

So that’s a very quick run-down of the most popular areas, I currently live in Leamington but I have friends in the other two parts. Don’t worry too much about Leam properties my crazily indecisive friend still managed to get a four bed (warwick accom) house in term 3! There is so much time and I’d recommend really thinking about what you want in your house next year, there is no need to rush.

Any questions just leave me a comment 🙂

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