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When To Worry About Next Year’s Accommodation?

When I was in first year, loads of second and third year students told me that I should sort out my accommodation for next year before Christmas, so at the end of first term. This is FALSE – you do NOT need to have your accommodation sorted by the end of first term, obviously it would be ideal and no issue if you did, but it is not essential. The main thing with accommodation is that you shouldn’t rush the process, it is a big commitment to choose a house/flat that is off campus and you wan’t to make sure that it is the right one for you. As well as this, you want to be sure on the people that you decide to live with – whether that be with your flat mates, course mates, a mix or on your own. It is normal to feel fairly undecided by the end of first term, so it may be more ideal to have a think over the Christmas break and then tackle it in second term.

Personally, I would recommend going with Warwick Accommodation for your off-campus accommodation since it is safer, more secure, there are no deposits and it is overall less stress. Last year when I was in first year, the Warwick Accommodation properties became available to view at the end of week 9, so properties were literally getting taken in an instant and any time I would have a look online, there was nothing that great. This is when I started freaking out because I only had a week to get my accommodation sorted, but don’t freak out! It is easy to get caught up in the process and potentially choose a house that isn’t really that great, is in a bad location, you may have not even seen the property but you accept the offer anyway, don’t do this! You always need to view the property to get an idea of what it’s like, the size, the location, how far it is from shops and bus stops etc so be calm about the process. If there aren’t any properties available that you really like at the end of first term, perhaps go home for Christmas and have a look again in second term. You can even have a look on Warwick Accommodation during Christmas because properties will be added all the time, they are added up until the Summer so it’s great.

I sorted out my accommodation last year in week 2 of second term, and I am SO happy with where I’m living, it’s honestly perfect so I’m so glad that I didn’t rush in first term and accept any old house. Where you’re living in second year is so important because it will essentially influence your happiness and mood and therefore your studies, so try to be cautious when choosing where to live. I’ll do another blogpost in a month or so explaining how the whole getting a property via Warwick Accommodation works and the entire process, so you’ll have some background information before you get stuck into it. However, overall please don’t panic and worry about accommodation yet, for now you have nothing to worry about and maybe around week 7 start having a think about who you’d like to live with. Things are always changing though, you can meet new friends at any point so don’t rush yourself. If you have any questions, then please leave them in the comments below!


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