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When Term 1 is finally over

Today is the last day of term and I cannot emphasise enough how relieved I feel. I love campus life don’t get me wrong, but after a busy term with lectures, I honestly need  a break. I also had an assignment to submit this morning and for the past week this assignment has taken up my entire time. I’m just glad that I was able to submit it on time. 

This term went relatively quick – the first five weeks were relatively intense for me in terms of timetabling. I had many lectures that time and the weeks after followed having a lot more gaps and allowing time to get on with some studying. 

Weeks 6 – 10 was when I was able to start my optional modules for the first time. This was very exciting as I was very much looking forward to these aspects of the course. Bio-Inorganic was one of these options, and I greatly enjoyed the lectures that were given within this module. It linked quite a lot of inorganic chemistry that I learnt in Years 1 and 2 and developed further on the biological aspects of chemistry as well as coordination chemistry in general. Next term I get to finally learn a little about the lanthanides (f block elements) and this is something I am very intrigued about in genuine. 

Pharmacology was another optional module I chose and this choice didn’t come with any regrets at all. We had guest lecturers who gave us very interesting talks on a variety of topics ranging from immunology to cancer and some others. I greatly enjoyed these as they often went into a lot of depth and I was able to learn from the presenters what a research career would entail. 

I also took up a new part time job during this term, where the job is actually only for 2 months in total, however the skills and experience I have gained from this have helped me enormously. I became the Placement Officer Assistant for the Chemistry department, which has meant that I have worked very closely with the Placement Officer of the department. This has helped me to learn what working within a university environment is like. I have recently started to consider an academic teaching career combined with research, although the aspects of how competitive this is does terrify me a little. I have always liked tutoring and this is something I greatly enjoyed last year and I have always loved the idea of doing my own research as well. 

As I am already on the topic of research, another amazing opportunity I have been able to secure for next summer is a research project within computational chemistry. This is something I am greatly enthusiastic about and over the next couple of months I’ll be busy with the applications and preparation side of this. Once I have made my application and received a decision, I will let you guys know how this has turned out and what the experience has been like. 

This is all I have to share for now. My life doesn’t usually get much more interesting. 

If you have any questions regarding studying at Warwick or Chemistry in particular please get in touch. I’d be happy to answer any questions. Please be aware that any course specifics can change in the future as courses are reviewed on a regular basis. 

Shaumica 😀  

  • Ore

    Heyyy. I got an offer for warwick chemistry msci. I wanted to ask if the first few months were maths and physical heavy


    • Shaumica Saravanabavan Chemistry

      Hello, I am glad to hear that you’ve applied to Warwick! I’m currently on the 3rd year of the MChem programme and the first few months of the first year had elements of Maths and Physics, but it was mostly very basic concepts taught to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the mathematical skills required. It was mostly A Level content and went a little into Further Maths, however this was taught very well and helped with the remaining aspects of the course. You’ve said that you have an offer for the MSci – this could be the separate postgraduate masters as well as the undergraduate masters stream (MChem). I’m currently on the MChem, and I’d be happy to answer any further questions you have, if you’re referring to the undergraduate version. Shaumica 🙂


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