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What’s the meaning behind Christmas?

As a student, living away from home means that Christmas time becomes less about materialistic things like trees and tinsel, and more about being back with people who you might have forgotten existed in the midst of all of the term 1 deadlines.

It’s all fair to say that we deserve a rest this Christmas, yet with January exams looming, resting all Christmas unfortunately wouldn’t be the best option. Here are some suggestions of ways in which you can increase the productivity of this holiday period and still have the time to binge-eat mince pies (ew) in an effort to be as festive as possible:

• Make a revision timetable

• Make a list of everything from each module that you need to go over, and plan exactly when you’re going to go over them (useful even if you don’t have January exams, your future self will thank you for it)

• If your lectures are recorded, listen to them so you have a clearer understanding of what you’re about to revise. (Us Philosophy students don’t get the privilege of lecture capture unfortunately)

• Take the time to read books that you’ll need to read for term 2

• Take the time to read books that you don’t even need to read at all and have no relation to your course, just because fun. I’ve recently bought a book on Quantum mechanics called ‘In search of Schrodinger’s Cat’ which will be interesting.

• Make to-do lists every day and actually do what’s on the lists.

Anyway, here are some Christmassy photos which are actually quite off-topic for this post, but they’re just cute:


This was taken at the Warwick Christian Union Carol service held in Butterworth Hall. Me and my friend decided to create this snapchat filter for the service, so it was nice to see quite a few people using it.


My friend told me to jump in front of the tree outside Warwick Arts Centre and ‘do something Christmassy’ so here is the outcome to that


It was raining here but the lights still looked pretty above the puddles. Taken in Coventry City Centre.

So whether the meaning of the holidays for you is spending time with family, revising for your exams, or taking time to celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, I hope you have fun and take time to rest.

– Leyla

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