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What’s in my handbag – law school edition

In my last post I mentioned that in order to be productive, you need to find a comfortable and adequate place to work in. Another essential ingredient for getting stuff done is ensuring you bring the  right materials with you. Here is what I have in my bag every day at uni.    1. My computer + charger + converter   My computer not only has my entire life on it, it is also the device I use for all my course stuff. I’m not really a pen and paper kind of person and prefer typing my notes. I always make sure my laptop is charged  in the morning and although the battery should last the entire day, I always bring a charger with me, just in case. For all international students out there, make sure you remember to bring your converter too! Another helpful tip, make sure you make regular BACKUPS!!!! Losing your documents is the worst and can relatively easily be avoided.    2. Lecture reading and seminar prep   Because I do all my work on my computer, I have less paper to carry around with me and I can organise all my notes in a coherent manner on my desktop. Sometimes though, I’ll prefer to print some of the reading off, especially when I need to read an important case or statute. In that case, I’ll put the pages in a small plastic folder to keep them clean and add them to the binder I keep at home once I’m done with it.    3. Water bottle   I personally tend to not drink enough water throughout the day so having a full water bottle in my bag is a very efficient reminder.    4. Food   Because I live off campus, I will try as much as I can to bring lunch from home. Not only does this save me a lot of money, it is also better for my health. I typically make salads or have cold pasta. On my less busier nights, I’ll make my breakfast and lunch the night before. If I don’t have time, I’ll try to at the very least bring some fruit or nuts with me as a snack. It can be difficult at uni to get all the nutrients that you need on a daily basis, so, at least for me, regular vegetable salads are effective.    5. Headphones   Whether I use them to listen to music on my morning commute, a video or podcast on my computer or for calling, my headphones are essential! If normally use my Beats headphones but also always have a spare pair of Iphone headphones, just in case.    4. Emergency stuff   I always keep a tiny bag in my bag with essential medications (painkillers, Strepsils etc), girl products, gum, tissues and lip balm. They seem like small things that I could survive without but I’ve been very grateful for having them on me on numerous occasions!

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