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What’s going on in the world?

Oh my goji!  

What is going on in the world?  Is it only me who finds it ironic the UK’s Health Minister has Coronavirus?  Supermarket shelves are bare as sales in antibacterial handwash, dried pasta and toilet roll must be through the roof, with shareholders rubbing their (hopefully clean) hands with glee.  It is a pandemic not to be sniffed at,  or rather I should say coughed at, because any illness that robs lives is horrific.  But I wish people would take chronic lifestyle diseases as seriously as they take the coronavirus, because World Health Organisation says these are responsible for nearly 75% of all deaths around the world.   NCD Alliance argue most of these are preventable and exacerbated by “tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and  alcohol”.  Let’s not wait for another pandemic to get serious about our health and wellbeing, please.

So, news is pretty bleak at the moment and people are isolating themselves from others out of fear.  Even my mother is working from home rather than risk negotiating the overcrowded underground.   Even at my gym we are instructed to disinfect our yoga mats before and after class (I don’t think the mats have ever been cleaned so thoroughly, before!) and people are eyed up suspiciously if they so much as splutter a cough!

But, this morning as I was eyeball deep in research articles while analysing primary data for my dissertation, I got a bit of happy news – literally! 

Funnily enough, just the other day I was talking with a friend about there being such a thing as Positive Newspapers, ones that avoid sensationalising, inciting racial hatred, othering and moral panic and instead focus on the positive and wonderful nuggets of news in the world.  So, when this landed on my hall carpet with a gift card saying I was subscribed for a year, I texted said friend to say thank you for the lovely gift.  She replied saying, “It wasn’t me, but sounds like a lovely idea!”  I felt REALLY weird not knowing who had sent it, but figured ho hum, I would pay the act of kindness forward by subscribing that friend and another close friend, because she could really do with some happy news, right now.  It turned out that my close friend was the one who subscribed me in the first place when she ordered me the bear hug care package several blogs ago – great minds think alike! 

So, just hang on in there!  Look after your body, because it is the only place you have to live, focus on your studies, dare to dream about your brilliant and bright future and don’t be distracted by the drama out there.  Make the most of each moment and be grateful for every one and every thing in your life xXx




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