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What’s classics going to do for my future?

Have you heard of Dolly the Sheep? Well, this week I’m going to be doing work experience at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies- the place where a lot of the research for Dolly the Sheep was made.

I’m going to be working at the School to learn how my skills of researching, analysing, meeting deadlines, persuading and delivering content to a high standard will help me in the marketing sector. As a classicist, you will develop valuable skills that will make you at the top of your game. Marketing is all about finding out about your audience and ensuring that you can convince them that the service/product you provide will satisfy them. I will have the chance to explore the School and see how it successfully attracts many prosperous students from around the globe to conduct their studies in Edinburgh. So learning dates and learning Greek got me here……….

Classics is definitely a subject that has opened so many different doors, and I’m still trying to decide which career path I’m ready to take. As you may know, I’m also an ambassador for Save the Children, another possibility for me to progress within the charity. The key thing is to keep searching and keep growing, building different skills and gaining different experiences that will make you valuable in the working world.

Look on the prospects website for possible career paths for classicists…….but it’s the skills you gain not the degree you do in most cases.

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