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What’s been happening in the PAIS Department?

Hi everyone,

I am finally back after what has been the most incredible year in Australia! Naturally, I have shifted my focus to my final year, looking at what modules I am interested in, any changes in the department that I need to be aware of, etc etc.

Well, last week, the people that I started my degree with back in 2015 graduated! As a PAIS Ambassador, I helped out during the day which was pretty exciting as I got to experience what politics graduation is like whilst also meeting my friends before they enter the real world…

The graduation consisted of the ceremony itself where the students collected their certificates and then the reception which was Department-specific. The reception is a good opportunity to catch up with your friends and lecturers. It was really exciting to watch everybody collect their certificates from the big screen in the piazza, and in a way, it inspired me for my final year too! It was also awesome hearing what everybody is getting up to after graduation; the opportunities are more vast than I thought! Some students are going into the politics sector, others in finance, some are taking a post-uni gap year to do some volunteering, whilst others are planning on working abroad! It certainly helped to give me some ideas as somebody who isn’t 100% certain of what they want to do after graduation…

On another note, shortly after graduation, the 2018 NSS results were released, and they really demonstrate just how great PAIS is, and are therefore worth mentioning!

– The department is ranked 1st in the Russell Group for Politics

Other highlights among Russell Group competitors include: – 1st for Teaching

– 1st for Assessment and Feedback

– 1st for Organisation and Management

– 1st for Student Voice

Along with this, PAIS is ranked 42 out of 200 in the QS rankings, and 37 out of 400 in the Shanghai rankings. 

The results show how committed the department is in allowing students to excel, whilst providing constant support through things such as giving vigorous feedback on essays and exams. My time in the SSLC highlighted this, as the department wanted to hear, and took on board our opinions on how the module layout and assessment feedbacks can further improve.

I have been receiving the dreaded/yet exciting emails about choosing the modules that I want to take next year (aka my final year). I am still undecided, as I am waiting for the final definite list to be released, although I anticipate that I will take some political economy as this is something that has interested me since my first year.  I have also really enjoyed studying US politics so may consider the foreign policy module depending on what else interests me, and whether I can incorporate US politics in my other modules. More on this later on in the academic year though when I know for sure what I will be doing!

I will be living on campus next year (hello Tocil!!!) which I am looking forward to, as I will be placed with other final year students who also are hopefully keen to meet new people (most of my friends graduated this year..). Hopefully, this gives me the opportunity to attend society events throughout the year and also gives me the independence to study between my classes which is much needed during my final year.

Anyway, time for a swim now!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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