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What you need to know before coming to uni

These couple of weeks at Warwick have been times of celebration and success because it’s graduation season! Your social media sites are going to be full of pictures and videos of everyone in their gowns with smiling faces. The weather has clearly been a letdown, but that won’t stop our students from having a great time with their loved ones!

One thing I noticed was that each student, no matter which subject, everybody was celebrating their achievements. They have all worked so hard for that piece of paper that says that they can meet deadlines, have in-depth knowledge of their subject, take exams etc. All students have had to go on this academic journey to develop themselves. I hope that if you are considering to come to university that you are confident that by completing your degree you will be overjoyed. Study a subject that you love, something that is going to enrich your life. These years of your life are an investment so you want to ensure that you are making the best deal for you.

Warwick offers opportunities to students to express their opinions about their degree. A good friend of mine, Amreet Johal, has written an essay that outlines her connection with Philosophy and Literature. Please take the time to read this, you will realise the sheer endurance and resilience of this person. But most importantly the devotion and passion for her subject, she has used her subject knowledge and the whole experience of learning as somewhat a tool to educate her not only academically but about the realities of life. This feeling is rare but is extraordinary because once you are happy with your subject you will excell in it. She has done just that, I am so proud of her and excited to see how she is going to use her skills within society.


I hope you are having a productive summer.

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