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What will university look like in September?

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Starting university or returning in September often has mixed emotions. I love returning to having true independence and seeing my university friends but a bit of sadness to be leaving my family and friends from home. This September will definitely feel strange, I hope this blog enables you to have a clearer vision of what university will look like in September.

1. Using the facilities

One of the great things about Warwick is how everything is located on one campus meaning everything is in walking distance. Due to the virus campus will not be able to have as many people as normal but hopefully, the facilities will still be accessible. From my understanding buildings and facilities will reopen but have social distancing involved. They are constantly adapting, the Library has put more resources online and now have a click and collect service making it easier for you to access books/ resources.

2. Freshers week

Warwick has put in some good alternative arrangements by making plans for online sessions but also hope for some events to be in person providing there is social distancing. When planning events they have asked societies to host sessions where they are in real life but remain safe. I am the President of the Good Food Society and we are hoping to have a social distanced picnic. I would advise freshers to look online particularly at the SU societies website. Joining the fresher’s Facebook page is another way to remain involved and keeping up to date with what society events are occurring. Although you are likely to be spending more time in your flat it will allow you to get to know your flatmates better. When I was a fresher there was so much to do that I did not get to know my flatmates that well until later in the term. Warwick is also incredibly green with plenty of outdoor spaces meaning there are lots of places to study outdoors I would recommend with your spare time you get to know campus better- just explore.

3. Learning on campus

Learning is changing this year. Each department is adopting a different approach. For my departments, they are putting pre-recorded lectures online and seminars will hopefully be with fewer people but in real life. However, there will also be options for those shielding to attend virtual seminars. University is about independent learning so I personally do not think the changes will affect me too much but actually provides me with better flexibility for my learning. I would also recommend particularly to first-years to ask for help if you need it when adapting to university living. Although it can be a bit daunting send them a quick email and they will be happy to respond. Some lecturers are also holding virtual office hours on Microsoft Teams which another way of accessing support.

Virtual Learning | Integrating Technology Education into Schools with BSD

Hope this helps give a clearer picture of what Warwick might look like in September.

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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