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What will I miss about Warwick?

Hello everyone! It’s getting really quite scary now, my exams are one week away and it’s the last time I’ll sit a Biology exam. However, I am going to become a chartered accountant so, I do still have three more years of exams. Now I’m preparing for my last few CATS for my degree, I’ve started to reflect on why I chose Warwick in the first place and exactly what I will miss.

I think the first major part of my uni life that I’ll miss are my flatmates. I’m staying in Leamington next year with some friends that are in their final years, but I will definitely miss those that are leaving this year. Your flatmates are the people you can call on at any hours if you’re bored or need support. I know my house this year has been people constantly helping each other de-stress. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them, certainly not doing well. It is sad to think that everyone is moving hours away from each other but we’re already planning when we’ll all see each other!

The sense of community and everyone is in it together is another part that I will miss. When you’re struggling with an assignment you can be sure that others are too. Since everyone finds different parts of the course challenging people help when you need it. All you have to do is ask! If you really don’t want to ask friends, then turn to your tutor or lecturers. I visited one about my labs in first year because I just didn’t have a clue how to write a lab report and I wasn’t confident enough to ask my friends.

The holidays will be most definitely missed. Never again will I get 4 weeks off for Christmas and 3 months off to enjoy summer. Even if you have an essay or two set (and yes even if you’re revising) they are still a much-loved break. Maybe not so much in my third year as my exams are the Wednesday after the holidays but in previous years Easter has been a time for relaxation. Even this summer I’ll have a month off until I delve into work so, I’m making sure to enjoy it! Although, one thing I won’t miss is the feeling that you should be doing work in your downtime, I’ll be glad to regain my weekends.

Student discounts are going to be something that I still wish for at least 10 years from now! Yes, 10% or 20% may not seem a lot but it really does add up. You can even get discounts on laptops! Safe to say I’ve probably saved hundreds because of the discounts. Another element that I will miss is the ‘Warwick Bubble’. This is essentially just focusing on the University of Warwick and being a little detached from the outside world. I think it’s great and really helps me to focus! But, some people do hate it. A part of Warwick that everyone loves is the Cheesy night out every Wednesday (Pop!). I’m really going to miss dancing to Abba at 1am since it’s not really something that I should do when working. But I really do look forward to starting a new chapter in my life!

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