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What will I miss about first-year?

Hi everyone!

Now that we are half-way through Term 3 here at Warwick, it has dawned on me that I will have completed a full year at university in a few weeks’ time! (…yelp?). Despite looking forward to the summer, I’m definitely going to miss my time living in halls when I officially move out at the end of June. Therefore I thought I might share some of the big things which have made my first-year experience.

My halls of residence itself – from its local surroundings to the residential support we’ve been given. While Tocil may not be as sophisticated as other accommodation halls such as Sherbourne or Jack Martin, both the facilities it offers and its centralised location has made it a deal-breaker for me.

If someone were to ask me why they should choose Tocil, I would definitely recommend it for its close proximity to pretty much the majority of the hotspots on campus – the Sports Centre, the SU, the library, the Oculus and Tesco are all roughly 5-10 minute walk away at most. For those of you planning on choosing Computer Science, Maths or Stats, Tocil is also one of the closest accommodation blocks to the each of the departments, which is really convenient if you require use of the facilities there or need to hurry to a morning lab!

The atmosphere also has a nice sweet spot between being active and quiet – it rarely gets noisy (apart from the odd party or two!) but isn’t entirely remote either. Plus I love Tocil’s layout of individual blocks, since it almost makes it feel like a miniaturised village of houses! (surrounded by woodland that is, you won’t be surprised to find close encounters with squirrels, birds and rabbits). Each block is then split into flats of 6 or 12 people, which is handy especially if you want to make some close relationships but are slightly on the shyer side. So it won’t be such a leap outside your comfort zone if it’s your first time away from home.

One of the advantages Warwick has being a campus-based university is the immediate facilities you have easy access to, this is especially true during first-year when you’re based here permanently!

When talking about Warwick, some of you may have heard about the so-called “Warwick Bubble” – the term which refers to Warwick students becoming totally invested into local campus life and becoming slightly isolated from the outside world. While some may believe this to be true due to the convenience of having everything in one place, it certainly doesn’t make Warwick boring in the slightest! The sheer number of societies, events and sports facilities really does add to the lively atmosphere on campus. (Plus not everything is restricted to campus alone, Coventry and Leamington aren’t too far away if you need a break!)

Despite being a matter of preference, campus-based universities really do have their perks. For instance not having to worry about manically travelling across a busy city every day in order to get lectures and social events!

The biggest, most enjoyable part of my first-year experience has got to be thanks to my flatmates! From the smaller, odd moments of chatting with one another in the hallway or in the kitchen, to spending quality time together either cooking, going into Leamington or having a night in!

One of my favourite times has got to be when we had our “grand night-in”, where made Spaghetti and meatballs, listened to music and played Monopoly late into the night (no friendships were harmed in the process). Not only did everyone get the chance to let their hair down and have fun, but we also got to know each another a little better, which really added to the atmosphere!

Out of all the reasons why I’m going to miss first year, living with these guys is definitely going to be what I’ll miss the most!

If you’re preparing for university and are either worried about settling in, or have big expectations about student life, please try not to stress too much. Despite initially putting pressure on myself to make the most of uni, what has really made my first-year experience has been all of the little things that have snowballed into something bigger than I anticipated!

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